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This is the kind of place where it's not bad to be a touchy person. If you like to get your hands on a stylus and doodle, the DS is likely your system. Here's where you can talk about your favorite titles for the handheld.

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    Maybe it was that jaw-dropping super Metroid final boss. Maybe one of the many Ridley fights. Mine is the 2 final boss forms from metroid prime.
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    If you're here, then you probably know Metroid is known for having some of the greatest music in video games. So heres a thread for you to post/discuss the music from the series.
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    Do you consider Other M a blemish on what is otherwise one of the greatest series in gaming history, or do you see it as an action-packed adventure that does much to flesh out Samus as a character? Let the arguments commence!
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