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This is the kind of place where it's not bad to be a touchy person. If you like to get your hands on a stylus and doodle, the DS is likely your system. Here's where you can talk about your favorite titles for the handheld.

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  • Forum Post: I'm Taking Part

    Hello everybody I am Airator3, and I have begun to take advantage of Gameinformer. I have experience with alot of game consoles because I have been at this stuff since little. I don't consider myself an expert but i'm certainly experienced, so any questions fell free to ask : ) . Follow up on...
  • Forum Post: gta chinatown wars

    who has gta chinatown wars with nintendo wi-fi for nintendo ds & dsi.If so please tell me your friend rosters or friend codes. Mine is 176342935737
  • Forum Post: ds wi-fi

    I'm trying to get a nintendo wi-fi usb but i cant find one. Anybody know where to buy please.i like nintendo.
  • Forum Post: Top 5 DS Games.

    So what are your 5 favorite Nintendo DS games? I'm in the market for a DS game (old or new doesn't matter) and I want to hear what you have to say. So... yea. Help me out and post away!
  • Forum Post: The DSiWare corner.

    I want to hear what you guys think about DSiWare. Here is where you can talk about upcoming DSiWare Titles, Ones that just came out, and other stuff that deals with DSiWare. I want to hear your thoughts. I am personally excited for the new Shantae episodes that are going to be released for the service...
  • Forum Post: Nintendo DSi XL

    Nintendo DSi XL The Nintendo DSi XL in white. Announced for a release in Japan on November 21, 2009 and North America and Europe in Spring of 2010, the Nintendo DSi XL (in Japan: DSi LL) will have larger screens with a diagonal of 4.2 inches. The size and weight increased accordingly, so that the new...
  • Forum Post: Can anybody help me with my terrible Wi-fi?

    Well, my Wii and DS both have terrible Wi-fi, and no matter what I do, they never work. I've gone to a ton of web sites, talked to some of my friends that are good with tech, and a bunch of other sources and done EVERYTHING they have there, but it still doesn't work. The only other option I know...
  • Forum Post: My son LOVES his DSi, especially the camera. How do you share photos to your PC?

    As the subject implies, I'm DSi dumb and would like some of my 4 year old son's pictures on my PC to share with others. Thanks.
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