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The Taint Of Saidin

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  • Saidin, the One Power
    It calls to me, a thorny flower
    So precious in beauty, the flowing of life
    And yet more deadly than the blade of a knife

    The sweetness fills my veins and seeps through my heart
    The taint leaves me marked with shadow, the shrouding apart
    Blissful ecstacy fills my brain with the shining of day
    With darkness enveloping me, filling my soul with decay

    Clarity is sharpest at intake from the Source, shimmering rain
    Even as the madness enters my head and starts fogging my brain
    The colors are brightest at the touch of the Light
    Even as the night rolls in cloaking my sight

    The ecstacy goes sharper, bliss turns to pain too much to take
    The flow of the Power is just too much, your mind begins to ache
    Needlepoints of brightness begin to prlck with the battle you fended
    Until your mind slips irrevocably and your world has ended

    No longer to call on the Power, forever in sight
    The insanity begins to flow with your mind darker than night



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