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This is a group where you can discuss everything related to The Wheel of Time series.

Introduction thread

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  • Hello guys, I made this thread so it could serve as a place where each member could introduce him/herself. You can talk about how you discovered the magical adventures of Randland, maybe a thing or two about yourself, or whatever else you think might be interesting for others to know.


    All right, me first! I started reading this series quite late I'm afraid. I'd heard about it occasionally over the yreas, but I'd never given it a lot of attention, even if it did have a me a bit curious. That all changed on September 16, 2007. As you may know already, this was the day Robert Jordan died, and being a fan of Fantasy books in general I was sad to hear about this man who'd left his popular Wheel of Time series unfinished. I felt a bit guilty about never having picked up the series till that point, and it's sad to think that this was what finally gave me the impulse to buy it.


    Once I did finally start reading though... man, what a ride. Book by book I watched an entire universe being defined right down to its most intricate details, and somehow even with the massive volume of content it contained... it still all fit perfectly. I could rant some more about the series, but I'll leave that for another occasion. For now, I hope you enjoy being in this group, as I hope to enjoy being ing it as well.


    Well, that's my intro, kinda corny huh?



  • Corny intro number 2:  I was a sophmore in highschool (a long time ago), and talking about the Silmarillian to a friend on the swim team...  He suggested TWOT and I bought the first 3 books.  Since then approximately every two years I've gotten a 700+ page long letter from some of my dearest friends who live in a magical foreign land explaining in excrutiating detail what they've been up to.  Not sure what I'm going to do with myself next year, but I suppose all adventures must eventually come to an end...  I both dread and eagerly anticipate the final volume!

  • I'm Caudex. I've never read any of the Wheel of Time

    books. (They're on my list! 1900 books is a lot to read...)

    Ummm, yeah. I own the group, but AshaMan is the one who's really in charge. Obey him.

    Once finals end and I can catch up on reading, you may see me on here more. Anyway, have fun!

  • I'm The Great Cubone.  I haven't read as much Wheel of Time as some, only the first 2, but I intend on reading the rest soon.  They're amazing.

  • I'm DeadManWalking. I've read the first 8 books of Wheel of Time, thanks to PRjumpman's persuasion, and I plan on starting the next three soon. :D

    I'm not on GIO much as I used to be, mainly because school. But school should be ending in a few weeks for me and I look forward to being on GIO more.

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