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GIO Bloggers Group Fireside Chat #2

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  • Tone:

    1. I prefer humorous blogs.

    2. I prefer serious blogs.

    3. I prefer intellectual blogs.

    4. I prefer mature bloggers (as opposed to immature / or does it matter).

    5. I prefer humble bloggers (as opposed to arrogant / or does it matter).


    1 – Strongly Disagree

    2 – Somewhat Disagree

    3 – N/A or Neutral

    4 – Somewhat Agree

    5 – Strongly Agree

  • 1. (3) I like to laugh just as much as anyone else. I've found though, that a fuuny blog is hard to find. Godofwine has done comedy rather well with his list blogs, but other than that, comedic blogs tend to not be done very well. So, I would love a funny blog, but getting one isn't a normal thing.

    2. (3) Serious blogs have the opposite problem as comedic blogs. Most bloggers do serious blogs. And that's fine... I've nothing against them.

    3. (3) Much like comedic blogs, really well done intellectual blogs are hard to come by. Very few can manage to come across as smart and knowledgeable without also sounding like a snob, in most cases. I hate snobs.

    4. (5) When I see a blog that isn't being taken seriously by its author in an immature sort of way, then why should I bother reading it? I don't, for the most part.

    5. (3) Most writers/bloggers here don't think very highly of their own writing (myself included) even though the community loves them. The humble bloggers are actually some of my favorites. Although, I don't have anything against an arrogant blogger if its a deserved arrogance. For example, if Saint decided to call all of us amateurs and take a new perspective in his blogs accordingly, I wouldn't hold it against him.  

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  • 1. (4) Somewhat agree. We've got a handful of regular bloggers on GIO who really have a knack for writing humor, but for the most part, it's hard to do well, in my experience. I'm not always in the mood for a humorous blog, but I do enjoy them.

    2. (3) Neutral. It really depends on the topic. I got rather tired of seeing all of the blogs about violence recently, for example. But if the topic is fresh and interesting, I'm all for having a serious discussion about it.

    3. (4) Somewhat agree. I love intellectual topics, but I think the key is that the writing has to remain accessible to the reader. Sometimes, an intellectual/philosophical topic will lead to a sort of "elitist" tone, and I find that far less appealing to read.

    4. (5) Strongly agree. I expect every blogger to take his or her work seriously (even if it's a humorous blog), and to both present and conduct themselves with integrity.

    5. (5) Strongly agree. I honestly believe this goes hand in hand with #4. Humility is a strong indicator of maturity, in my opinion. While I generally don't mind a little bit of arrogance on the part of a writer, he or she had better have the facts, charm, and/or writing skills to back it up, otherwise they will just come across as petty and self-centered.

  • 1. (4) I like to read blogs with a sense of humor. It's like seasoning in cooking. It's not necessary, you can make a dish without it, but if done well it can be excellent.

    2. (3) It really depends on the topic. Sometimes I shy away from serious topics. Sometimes I embrace them. It depends on the topic. I think that it really depends on the author and how I perceive they are conveying their opinion on the topic.

    3. (3) I agree with Quasi and Jolt here. An intellectual topic is great. A snob is not.

    4. (4) A well-done, mature blog is just so much easier to read than an immature blog. I'm not against reading an immature blog, but it's just not my favorite thing to read.

    5. (4) It's the same thing as real life. Humble people are just more interesting and fun to be around. A bit of arrogance is okay, but only a few people can pull it off. Arrogance has to be something that you can turn on and off.

  • 1. (4) I love to read Comedy blogs. I find that most bloggers here have humor in almost all their blogs, but you've got to find it.

    2. (3) I'm kinda neutral on all this. I enjoy a good serious blog I just can't stand when they flood the blogging section ( I'm looking at you ME3) on the flip side I love seeing the reaction to he things that effect us as both gamers and as humans. I some time wish that there was a group or forum for that. (For example I wish we could have all put or thoughts on Sandy Hook in one place to avoid flooding the blog section. Not that I didn't love it.)

    3. (3) I consider all blogs intellectual. Be it a list, a rant, or a parody. While some topics, such as the future of the industry, are heavier in subject than other topics, I firmly believe that the bloggers here are intelligent and every blog is intelligent as well.

    4. (5) Maturity is conveyed by the authors words and the tone he or she presents it in. GodOfWine has some of the funniest, yet most mature blogs I've ever seen. Others, such as the recent blogs by Paradigm come across as rather immature and are very hard to read.

    5. (5) There is a reason Saint's blogs are held so highly. He carries about his blogs a very high degree of humility. In fact most of us do, and it is so common place that I have come to expect it. Arrogance is very hard to read. I'll admit a few parody blogs that I've read where the author pretends arrogance have been the exception, but otherwise stay humble please

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  • 1. 3 - Sure, humorous blogs can be entertaining. When the whole blog is a humor column, however, it takes a bit more for me to get invested. I would rather the humor be twisted into the blog as it goes along rather than making it the sole focus.

    2. 3 - The majority of the blogs written here are serious, and I've never had a problem with that.

    3. 4 - This is tricky though. Many authors (myself included) have tried these blogs and have fallen flat. There are a handful of bloggers that consistently post very well done intellectual blogs, and they are always a joy to read.

    4. 5 - Immaturity in life is generally a turn-off for me, and this extends to blogs. I understand that many bloggers are on the younger side, so I try to cut some slack accordingly, but maturity is manifested in many ways and ages and it is just as unattractive in writing as it is in life.

    5. 5 - Yes. However. Humility does not equal self-depracation. I know incredibly humble people who are very confident that they are very good at what they do. Arrogance has nothing to do with skill, it has everything to do with attitude, and it is a sure way to lose my respect.

  • 1.) 3 I'm lighthearted, so I like to read funny stuff. It's trickier to write humorous posts, but some GI bloggers have done a great job with this. Writers don't have to be serious to write quality articles though.

    2.) 3 On the other hand, I don't need humor to draw me into reading something. So if someone is serious or funny, it doesn't really matter to me.

    3.) 3  I agree with what others have said. I don't mind a deeper, intellectual post, but the blogger's unique perspective should come through instead of just regurgitated facts.

    4.) 5 If people take the time to read someone's blog, then the writer should work to write to the best of their ability. It's a matter of respect...

    5.) 5 Penguin said it perfectly, I couldn't agree more. There's a big difference between arrogance and confidence.

  • 1. I prefer humorous blogs. 5

    2. I prefer serious blogs. 4

    3. I prefer intellectual blogs. 4

    4. I prefer mature bloggers (as opposed to immature / or does it matter). 5

    5. I prefer humble bloggers (as opposed to arrogant / or does it matter). 5

    Whether it's a blog that's fully intended to be humorous or a lighthearted blog with touches of humor here and there, I love humorous blogs. I love to write them and I love to read them. With serious blogs, my interest depends on the topic and the approach. I really enjoy blogs where the writer shares something serious in a video game that impacted them and why they relate to it. I'd say my interest in intellectual blogs is similar to serious blogs - it depends on the topic and the approach.

    I prefer humble, mature bloggers. That doesn't mean we can't have fun though. I consider myself a mature person, but I like to razz people and playfully offer negative opinions about games sometimes. HAHA!


  • Humor: 4...I like them quite a bit but sometimes humorous intentions come across poorly when written. Irony and satire in particular are difficult to pull off but when done right are awesome.

    Serious: 3... It really depends on the author and subject matter for this one. I don't refrain from reading serious blogs but I don't always enjoy them as much as the lighthearted ones.

    Intellectual: 4... I like it when a blog makes me think. This is especially true in regards to whether or not I choose to comment on a post.

    Mature: 4... Absolutely although playful immaturity, when done right, is always welcome.

    Humble:  5... For sure. Coming across as snobbish is never a good move. Especially when presenting opinions as fact.

  • I'm neutral on all of those in terms of tone. Bloggers have different approaches and writing styles, so some of them will be more successful at conveying different tones than others will.

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  • 1. I prefer humorous blogs. (3) It doesn't really matter to me so long as it's done well

    2. I prefer serious blogs. (3) It doesn't really matter to me so long as it's done well

    3. I prefer intellectual blogs. (3) It doesn't really matter to me so long as it's done well

    4. I prefer mature bloggers (as opposed to immature / or does it matter). (5) Yes. I prefer it if they're mature and intelligent about their subject matter. If they aren't then they'll likely not be really thinking through their arguments.

    5. I prefer humble bloggers (as opposed to arrogant / or does it matter). (5) Believing in what you're saying and arrogance are two very different things. A person who believes in what they're talking about just has faith in their ideas. An arrogant person flames you if you disagree or treats you as if you know nothing. I dislike arrogance in general. If you now your s**t, then okay, you know your stuff and you believe in what you're talking about -- that's fine. Telling everyone they're wrong (without even the slightest possibility of them being right), and/or downvoting people to one star based on whether or not they agree with what you said is just being petty and arrogant. I hope that even vaguely makes sense.

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  • 1) I prefer humorous blogs - 3

    2) I prefer serious blogs - 3

    3) I prefer intellectual blogs - 3

    4) I prefer mature bloggers - 5

    5) I prefer humble bloggers - 5

  • 1. I prefer humorous blogs. - 4. I prefer quality in any type of blog I read on here, but the humorous ones seem to be fewer and farther between these days, so I appreciate them just a little more.

    2. I prefer serious blogs. - 4. There have been a lot of great blogs on serious topics on here, like google fiber and what it could mean for the US, not just for gaming. I love topics like those.

    3. I prefer intellectual blogs. - 4. I like blogs that get people to think and discuss. I realize I'm putting up 4's everywhere, but that's because I think a blog can cover more than one of the areas mentioned.

    4. I prefer mature bloggers  - 5. There's nothing wrong with a little toilet humor or corny jokes, but there also has to be a degree of maturity behind it. Being crass or negative or troll-baiting just for the sake of drawing in views/comments or screaming for attention just makes me want to avoid a blog.

    5. I prefer humble bloggers - 4. I have no problem with people flaunting credentials or life experiences when discussing a topic. Someone pursuing a masters in history or literature might have more insight into a game's period setting than other bloggers might. As long as it's used constructively and not to tear someone else's opinion down, I don't mind.

  • *Peeks inside of group.

    On-topic, I'm with Markus on the last part. As long as one's experience is actually being used to contribute to a discussion I tend to welcome it.

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