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GIO Bloggers Group Fireside Chat #1

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  • *Hey everyone.  Saint's having issues with his post not showing up here so hopefully this one will stick.*

    Welcome GIO bloggers new and old to the very first GIO bloggers group fireside chat.  I'm (Saint) testing out kind of a new weekly blog idea called the fireside chat.  There is a lot of history with the term dating back to President Roosevelt.

    In the Navy a fireside chat is when all the ships in a carrier strike group join a communications network at a predetermined time so the strike group commander can discuss operations with the commanding officer's of each of the ships in the strike group.

    For the GIO bloggers group, I (still Saint) envision the fireside chat as an ongoing forum discussion amongst the bloggers who want to participate, and after a week or so I'll compile it into a blog and post it so everyone can see what they're missing out on (and perhaps be compelled to join the group and/or chat.

    Since this is kind of a trial run, I'm thinking we just discuss ideas for the next fireside chat.  Since it's a new year I'm thinking maybe we talk about one game we're exited for and why.... But I'm definitely open to suggestions.

    Anyway... I'll open the floor for ideas and comments.  Just remember, this is going to be posted in a blog and I'd rather not have to edit comments, so please keep that in mind when posting a response.

    Who's first?


  • I'll take a stab at this one.

    Normally, people that know my love of Rockstar would guess that GTAV would be the game I'm most excited for. While I certainly am, another takes the cake as "most anticipated."

    That would be Crysis 3. I never played the first game, but people say that it was more open than Crysis 2. That is rumored to be the case with Crysis 3.

    Crysis 2 blew me away in terms of gameplay and graphics. Lately, I've started paying more attention to the backdrops in games. The whole process of drawing and molding concept art and turning it into game graphics fascinates me to no end.

    I am capable of drawing/painting myself. I liked to do the Bob Ross-like scenes and landscapes, along with geometric additions. I have a little background in art, so that particular part of game development intrigues me.

    That, and Mojo sent me the Killzone 3 Concept Art book, and I was blown away.

    Crytek seems to know what they're doing in terms of visually impressing me. That, on top of a more open world feel, and the natural awesomeness of the Nanosuit and its upgrades, and well... the crossbow. It looks amazing. I can't wait to kick a car into a bunch of soldiers.

    Crysis 3 for sure.

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  • Anyone who has read one of my recent blogs could probably guess that I'm most excited for The Last of Us.  It looks amazing with an Uncharted after the apocalypse vibe and is one of my few pre-orders along with the special edition of Ni No Kuni.

    That said, like Jolt my pick may be a bit more surprising.  I fell for Quantic Dream's vision of gaming with my day-one purchase of Indigo Prophecy and while it had it's story-telling faults, it is in my top-3 PS2 games ever.  Heavy Rain holds a similar place in my heart for this generation.  Beyond: Two Souls looks to be another upgrade to the formula they, and they alone are using to push the boundaries of gaming.  While much of the game is still under wraps at this point I'm betting on Quantic to push one last gem on gamers before they start working on their inevitable PS4 release....

    Beyond:  Two Souls gets my vote...

  • I may be in the minority here, but so far there's really not a whole lot slated for 2013 that I'm particularly excited about. As is the case with most gamers, I am eagerly awaiting some solid news about the next-gen consoles, but as far as game releases this year, there are only a few that are on my radar.

    That said, my most anticipated release of 2013 (or possibly 2014, if rumors hold true) would have to be Dragon Age III. Fantasy RPGs are my bread and butter, and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Dragon Age (and for BioWare, for that matter). I've loved the franchise overall; its storytelling, in my opinion, has never been quite up to the caliber of BioWare's other behemoth, Mass Effect, but I for one still hold out hope that Dragon Age can achieve greatness as well.

    Up to now, the Dragon Age franchise has been inconsistent at best. Though plenty of fans enjoyed Dragon Age II (and I count myself among them), many felt betrayed by the game's seemingly sloppy lack of polish and the numerous changes it made to the much-loved gameplay formula established in Origins. Even though I enjoyed DA II overall, I can't help but feel that it left the series in a rather precarious position.

    Dragon Age is in the middle of an identity crisis. BioWare and EA were reviled for the 16-month turnaround on DA II (and not without reason, either). I'm eager to see whether two and a half years (or more, perhaps) proves long enough for Dragon Age III to become the truly stellar fantasy RPG I've always craved from BioWare.

    *LOVE the Fireside Chat idea, by the way! :)

  • This one's tough for me. I'm sure I'll get around to GTA V and Bioshock Infinite, but neither is pulling me in as a must-play.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines has been on my radar since about 2009, and has broken my heart more than once when I checked in at Gamestop or GameInformer to find the release once again pushed back. But maybe even more so, I'm looking forward to my other pre-order, Tomb Raider.

    The theme of 2012 was arguably a focus on story and character over gameplay and graphics; The Walking Dead and Journey were GOTY contenders, and Mass Effect 3 showed the payoff of creating characters gamers can identify with. Watching some of the behind-the-scenes coverage of Tomb Raider, you're left with the feeling that the entire team - from the music composer those working on Lara's new look and personality - wants to create a compelling female lead for, really, the first time in the series.

    Lara may have broken a few molds back in the day, but her design was definitely skewed towards a male audience. With more and more women gaming, "she's hot" is no longer a solid enough business model, and it's good to see them trying to create a protaginist that can appeal to players of any age and gender. Frankly, it's long overdue for the series, and gaming in general - and Tomb Raider is shaping up to impress on a lot of fronts.

  • Quasi I am your brother from another mother at the moment. I am a huge fan of both of the Dragon Age games. While I enjoyed 2 I was turned off by the drastic change to Anders and Marill's personality and the shift away from the story.

    That said the story in 2 had to happen. WIth the events they've set in motion the story of Dragon Age 3will blow our minds. Although I am bummed about being forced to be a human (if the rumors are true) again I'll enjoy it no matter what.

    Besides what Quasi said I just want a freaking conformation on my Kingdom Hearts series. Both of the Remakes and Three would be nice!

    Otherwise I've not to much to really look forward to. With the slew of games I've been missing out on all these years it's time to hit the backlog with a bat. With games going as far bacck as Shadow of the Colosuss I've got some series ground to cover. Wish me luck and expect to hear some epic stories!

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  • The first two games that come to mind are The Last of Us & Bioshock Infinite. However, I'd like to share my excitement for a different game, which is Injustice: Gods Among Us. There are several reasons I'm excited for this game:

    1. BATMAN!

    2. When DC announced The New 52, I started following comics for the first time in my life (outside of the few Axe Cop comics I'd purchased prior to that.) Though I still mostly just like Batman, my appreciation for the DC Universe has increased significantly.

    3. It may not be the first of its kind, but I've been itching to play a fighting game with superheroes that wasn't a crossover title, like Marvel vs. Capcom or Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I've enjoyed the Marvel vs. Capcom games, but most of my friends haven't been interested because they don't like the crossover premise. I'm not sure if they hate crossovers all together, but they seem to have issues with these particular crossovers. I've heard plenty of sarcasm about Mega Man fighting Iron Man. Personally, the crossover concept doesn't bother me, but I'd agree that a strictly Marvel fighting game would be more appealing.

    4. I like the Mortal Kombat franchise, but my preferences have changed over the years & I just don't enjoy the overly violent fighting as much as I used to. Also, I don't feel comfortable playing fighting games with (over) half-naked girls that look like prostitutes/strippers on steroids. I'm excited to play a less mature title from Netherrealm Studios.

    5. When Street Fighter IV came out, I  bought the MadCatz Tournament Edition Fightstick for $150. I haven't regretted this purchase, but I also haven't used the fightstick in quite awhile. I'm looking forward to using it for another fighting game!


  • @Jolt and Markus... I'm with both of you on GTA5 being 'up there' on the radar, but it's success seems a given so It's refreshing to see people mention it but give nods to less well-known titles.

    @quasi and Xerix... I passed on 2 but had the first on my pc and loved it!  Hopefully they lean back towards what made the series great for the third installment!

  • I think GTA5 is probably my most anticipated just because of how expansive Rockstar has made the franchise. I wouldn't even think within a game I'd want to do such mundane tasks such as hiking or deep sea diving when I could be doing some other stuff, but Rockstar always makes the investment worthwhile.

    That being said, given that the game will feature 3 playable protagonists each with their own "abilities" (can the other 2 fly planes still?) and personalities, we can expect that the story will be bigger and even more interesting.

    On the other spectrum, Bioshock Infinite has had my interest for a really long time since I knew that irrational games was going to be developing the Bioshock name again. Also it is being released on my birthday which I think is the first time a cool game has actually done that. Will irrational blow it? doubtful, and I can't wait to chew on some more of that Ken Levine brain.

  • Yay, Joey got my problem fixed and I can post in the forums again!

    So, catching up with the chat, let's see... We're talking about games with a 2013 release that we're excited for and we have Jolt the Cynic picking Crysis 3; AshaMan3000 picking Beyond: Two Souls; quasiconundrum picking Dragon Age III; markus1142 picking Tomb Raider; White Angel Dragon picking Dragon Age III; born4this picking The Last of Us & Bioshock Infinite; and bombstopper picking Grand Theft Auto 5.

    Seven different gamers, six different games. That's kind of a scattered and somewhat unexpected result as nobody picked any of the big names like Bioshock Infinite (even though it was mentioned) or Dead Space 3 (which was on my list). Of course I'm excited for Bioshock Infinite and the Last of Us like some of you are, but I guess the game I'm most excited for is Star Wars 1313. It's been awhile since we've seen a worthwhile Star Wars title, but this one looks promising (and I haven't given up on Lucasarts yet).

    With all the new games tentatively scheduled for a 2013 release, there are also quite a few new hardware devices coming out in 2013. Do you all think the industry is going to focus more on the hardware releases and announcements this year, or do the actual games stay at the forefront of the discussion?

  • Hardware will be important. It always is. But without a good library of games to play, the hardware doesn't really matter. The last time I went to Gamestop, the Wii U section didn't even make it onto the wall. It was held by one of the floor stands. I don't think Microsoft or Sony will make that same mistake.

    Once the new consoles are announced, sure, there will be mentions of the specs and capabilities and whatever. But the common gamer (the majority of us) is impressed simply by what they can see and play. If a console is capable of amazing things, but the games don't fully take advantage of it... then its a waste. The games are what matter most, in my opinion.

    Heck, that's why I was content to stay with my PS2 for so long. The game selection was absolutely insane. Also, for the PS3/360 gen, console exclusive games swayed quite a few gamers to each side. Games like Halo, God of War, Gears, Uncharted... those powerful and innovative games... that's what really matters.

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  • Generally speaking, any hardware is only a means to an end—that end being, of course, the games themselves. Without a solid assortment of games to give it purpose, even the greatest, most powerful console will end up being little more than an expensive—albeit probably pretty—box.

    That said, however, a new generation of consoles is always a uniquely powerful source of excitement among the majority of gamers. The concept of getting new consoles, in a sense, is broader, more far-reaching than simply getting new games. Right now in particular—when we're all still eagerly grubbing for any rumor about them and tossing around our best guesstimates as to their actual specs—they seem to hold so much raw potential, and represent the myriad untold possibilities that their games might encompass.

    In the end, it's the games that matter. But for now, it's the hardware on the horizon that has me under its spell. I'll still be eagerly anticipating the new generation of games to come, of course—but for 2013 at least, it's the magic and the mystery of the consoles themselves that will be sparking the seemingly endless possibilities in my imagination.

  • I think that, for now anyway, hardware's going to be getting the lion's share of attention.  Sure, we'll be hearing news on the exclusive front from both Sony and Microsoft to push awareness of their new systems, but most of them won't be ready at launch. (although a few may make the 'window'.  With last generation hanging on for years after this one released I expect a much larger amount of cross-generational games coming out in the next two years.  While this would be a given with third-party titles, I'm curious whether or not the in-house titles produced by Sony and MS will bridge generations.  While it would make sense from a sales perspective to release Uncharted 4 on both the PS3 and PS4 (or whatever those supersiticous fools end up calling it), it wouldn't drive sales of the new system nearly as much as if it were exclusive to the platform.  Time will tell...

  • AshaMan3000:

    I think that, for now anyway, hardware's going to be getting the lion's share of attention.


    I couldn't have said it better myself. Next question.



  • Ok, How do you guys feel about the attempt to keep the older generations alive?

    I'm fairly young compared to most of the posters on this thread (thus far) and so I didn't grow up with most of the classics. Still I try to play them when I get the chance. I've made decent progress in my opinion, but it is hard to find the game or find the console needed to play them. I constant;y wish that Sony and Xbox would make it a point to focus on their treasures of the past so that the can become relics. So far Nintendo seems to have the right idea when it comes to balencing new games and porting old games to the current consoles. Still it is frustrating to want to play older and I can't find them online and have equal luck finding physical copies of games.

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