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Do you like Star Wars? are you a megafan who feels strongly about a particular movie or character? or are you just into the starfighters and lightsabers?. Whatever category you fall into, you'll find something here.

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    (He'll kill you in your sleep...) George Lucas recently confirmed suspicions that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher would return for Episode 7. But what about other classic actors? In a recent interview with IGN, Warwick Davis, (most famous for his portrayal of Wicket The Ewok) was asked...
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    The timeline of Star Wars is split up into six distinct eras, covering everything from the Rakatan infinite Empire and the dawn of space flight, to The New Sith Order and the exploits of Cade Skywalker. Below, I've listed the eras in chronological order along with significant events that occurred...
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