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Do you like Star Wars? are you a megafan who feels strongly about a particular movie or character? or are you just into the starfighters and lightsabers?. Whatever category you fall into, you'll find something here.

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    Is Star Wars 1313 a good title? Yes (66.7%) No (33.3%) Total Votes: 9
  • Forum Post: Re: What Planet Would You Live On?

    Darth-Carbonite: Taris: a retro Coruscant. Good pick. Watch out for the Rakghouls though:( Or, Coruscant: A modern Taris.
  • Forum Post: The Eras of Star Wars

    The Star Wars eras The Old Republic (14.3%) Rise of the Empire (14.3%) Rebellion (0%) New Republic (0%) Jedi Order (0%) Legacy (71.4%) Total Votes: 7
  • Forum Post: Re: What Planet Would You Live On?

    Commander Shepard: Coruscant, all the way. I've always marveled at the skylines of the planet; It still amazes me to this day. Yeah, I've always liked it a lot too. It's in my top five.
  • Forum Post: What Planet Would You Live On?

    What Planet would you live on? I would make a poll, but there are 460 planets. I like a lot of them but, I would live on Korriban. I've just always liked it, for its Sith style and such...
  • Forum Post: Your Ideal Star Wars Pet

    What if you were on Coruscant for a day, what would you do? You could tour the Jedi Temple or catch a senatorial debate, but that's boring. The answer is obvious: you'd stop by the local wildlife market, and grab yourself a pet! Whatever your looking for, you'll find it here. Be warned though...
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