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Past Clone Wars Episode Review

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  • WARNING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 4, "Shadow Warrior"

    Moral:  "Who a person truly is cannot be seen with the eye."

    Main Character Focus:  Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Jar Jar Binks, General Grievous, and Count Dooku

    Overview:  Stand-Alone.  The Gungans plot to attack the Naboo!  While under the influence of a traitorous Gungan Minister named Rish Loo, Boss Lyonie declares war on the Naboo!  When Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala meet with Jar Jar Binks, they eventually find out about the sinister plot devised by the Separatists.  While Anakin must deal with Rish Loo, Jar Jar must contend with the General of the Separatist Army, General Grievous in the meantime!

    Review:  Well, it seems the Count is on a "civil war" kick as of late.  Regardless, this is a really enjoyable episode with some great duels, an interesting set of characters, and a very engaging story!  The only thing about it that could really be seen as "bad" is the fact that Jar Jar is a big character in this as well as many other Gungans, which can be a problem for the anti-Gungan crowd.

    This is a really neat episode that I thoroughly enjoyed!  I liked that it had an engaging story with a lot of great new and old characters.  Speaking of characters, we meet Rish Loo, a new Separatist bad guy, we get to see Captain Tarpals again, and we also get to more formally meet Boss Lyonie, who we only briefly saw in the last story arc.  When it comes to the villains, Rish Loo was a pretty interesting character.  He really had the whole "Gungan goofiness" thing going on, but it was definitely sinister enough not to be a joke.  I really liked that and I think the whole "witch doctor" look really sold it too.  We get to see Grievous again, which is awesome, and Count Dooku himself as well.  As usual, these two are up to their old tricks, only this time, Grievous bit off more than he could chew.  I was shocked to see that Grievous was actually defeated and captured!  Wow!  Did not see that coming the first time I watched it.  But unfortunately, just when the Republic thought they got the upper hand, Dooku went and captured Anakin.  Of course.  So, that was an interesting turn of events.  Another thing about that that I find interesting is the fact that the writers kept true to the canon of the movies by not having Grievous and Anakin meet and yet still have them pass by each other during the prisoner exchange.  I liked that they kept true to the fact that the two first met at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith (towards the end of the war).  Now, when it comes to the good guys, Anakin and Padme of course work well together, but so do Jar Jar and Captain Tarpals.  I was SO ecstatic when we got to see Tarpals again!  He's probably my favorite Gungan of all, which makes me really sad every time I see Grievous kill him.  :,(  I really liked his whole deadpan thing he had going on with Jar Jar.  It really worked because he was so much more serious than him, which made some of the goofy stuff Jar Jar did really funny, like when Jar Jar (disguised as Boss Lyonie) met with Grievous.  That crap was HILARIOUS!  That's another thing that was done well in this episode.  The humor wasn't goofy or silly.  It was just right in my opinion.  The whole situation with Jar Jar dressing as Boss Lyonie and stopping the attack on the Naboo could have gone totally stupid, but it wasn't, which is fantastic.

    The last thing that I really appreciated about this episode was the great action.  In this episode, we see more chases and duels than large-scale battles, like what was seen in the Mon Calamari Arc.  Another thing that this arc had that the other didn't was the fact that it had a great story combined with great action.  The story arc last time lacked a really solid, interesting story, but that was definitely not the case with this one.  As far as the actual action goes, like I said, duels really shone in this episode.  For instance, the duel between the Gungans and General Grievous was really good.  It was a very powerful scene, even before Captain Tarpals' sacrifice.  The other duel that really shone in this was the one between Dooku and Anakin.  Granted, it's not the best duel ever, but what made it powerful was the fact that it was so brutal and underhanded on Dooku's part  to just stand by and let Anakin get outnumbered by a bunch of MagnaGuards with him occasionally stepping in.  It also led to Anakin's capture, which then led to a prisoner exchange with him and Grievous.

    The only problem that I could see with this episode was the fact that Jar Jar and the Gungans had a very heavy role in this episode.  Granted, I really liked it because it wasn't that bad.  I actually thought that it was very well done and not too goofy, but that's definitely a matter of opinion.  There were some goofy parts that some might have thought were stupid, but I thought they were goofy in a funny way.  It's so easy to make Gungans goofy-stupid instead of goofy-funny and I thought they were the latter in this episode, but for some, especially Jar Jar haters, Gungans can only be goofy-stupid.  Because of that, I would be remiss if I did not give those fans a warning that this episode is very Jar Jar heavy.  If you don't mind Jar Jar or the Gungans though, I would very much recommend this episode because it was done in a very goofy-funny way.  :D

    Overall, this was an excellent episode with a great story, engaging action, and a great cast of old and new characters.  The only thing that might be a concern with this episode for some would be the fact that it is very Gungan heavy, especially Jar Jar heavy, which may not be a good thing for Jar Jar haters.

    Rating:  9.5 out of 10

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  • WARNING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 5, "Mercy Mission"

    Moral:  "Understanding is honoring the truth beneath the surface."

    Main Character Focus:  C-3PO and R2-D2

    Overview:  Story Arc 1 of 2.  Aleen in crisis!  The planet of Aleen has recently been devastated by groundquakes, killing many Aleena.  The Republic sends Clones and two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, to aid them.  While exploring the ruins, the two droids embark on a mystical journey...

    Review:  So...you ever feel guilty over not liking a story revolving around two iconic characters?  Well, I do.  As much as I want to like a story that is specifically starring C-3PO and R2-D2, I just can't.  The lack of interesting characters really deals a blow to an episode, as well as the lack of any kind of action or drama, and a story that's just...meh.  On the bright side, the Aleen Underworld is pretty spectacular looking, even if it does scream High Fantasy...

    So, yeah, if you can't tell already, I'm not real enthused about this particular episode.  Let's face it: Threepio and Artoo are great side and support characters, but when you have them as the main characters, that's just a recipe for a snooze fest.  They're just not that interesting by themselves, which was mistake Number 1.  Sure, you had Commander Wolffe and some other clones, but they all seemed to have a general reluctance to do their jobs like they had something else better to do than help crisis survivors.  And sure, you had the Aleena, the natives, but they were so odd that they were mildly amusing at best.  And then you get the strange denizens of the Aleen Underworld, which quite honestly look more at home in one of my Dragonlance books than in a galaxy far, far away.  And then there's Threepio and Artoo, the unlikely heroes, aka the whiney wonder and the cool but unintelligible BDB (Best Droid Buddy) to Anakin and later Luke.  Seriously, people hate Jar Jar but does NO ONE remember how annoying Threepio can be?  All he does is gripe and complain!  That's all he's EVER done!  So why in the world would you revolve an entire 2-Part story arc around him?  Seriously...I just don't get it.  Now, let's add that to a story that's only mildly interesting at best, which was mistake Number 2, and the fact that there's hardly any kind of action or drama, which was mistake Number 3.  There was a bit of mystery in there with all of the vague talk of "bringing peace to the ground" and the concept of the two worlds not being able to coexist because of the different air was somewhat neat, but a little bit of mystery and "somewhat neat" don't really cut it for me, I'm afraid.  Unfortunately, this story was just boring and lackluster, plain and simple.  :(

    There are very few things that I can say about this episode that were good.  One thing that was actually pretty cool was the Aleen Underworld.  It was really spectacular looking!  The denizens were also really neat, like the glowing, talking tree men and Orphne, the mystical wise woman of the Underworld.  They were all pretty neat but at the same time it was a little odd to watch because the Aleen Underworld and its denizens looked like they came straight out of Middle Earth.  Seriously, I don't mind a Science Fiction series like Star Wars to have other genres' elements but this went over the High Fantasy line.  To me, it was a bit too "magical" for a Star Wars tale.  The only other consolation I can give is that it wasn't a BAD story.  It was just...blah.  The whole episode was just bland, which I guess is better than bad... :/

    All in all, this episode was completely lackluster, with the exception of some spectacular backdrops, and bland.  It wasn't a bad episode but it's definitely one that I would not recommend but to the most diehard of Clone Wars fans.

    Rating:  2.5 out of 10

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  • WARING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 6, "Nomad Droids"

    Moral:  "Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"

    Main Character Focus:  C-3PO and R2-D2

    Overview:  Story Arc 2 of 2.  C-3PO and R2-D2 are in trouble again!  After being attacked by General Grievous, the droids escape to a nearby planet.  There, they start an unfortunate chain of events that makes one wonder:  Will they ever get back home in one piece?

    Review:  And just when I thought the story couldn't get any worse...it does.  This story was a jumbled mess of classical homages, poor main characters, and backgrounds that screamed "bland" and "been there, done that".  At least we got more action in this episode than in the last one.

    Wow, if you thought I was harsh with the first episode then you're in for a surprise.  THIS...was just bad.  For starters, we are still revolving the story around Threepio, the gutless whiney-tail and Artoo, who is admittedly cool, but brash and guess what?  We still need an interpreter.  At least Adi Gallia, General Grievous, and Plo Koon get in on the action.  Unfortunately, they are relegated to being background characters for 95 percent of the story.  And the story itself?  It was a hot mess.  One thing that really got to me was how unbelievable it was.  I mean, these droids have got to be the unluckiest and luckiest characters ever created.  These droids literally went through some horrible experiences and then in the end were miraculously found and saved by the Jedi.  I mean, what in the world?  I...just have a hard time fathoming that.  It was just completely unbelievable and that's probably one of the many reasons that I hated this story.  And then we have the fact that there's three or four stories all in this one episode.  Seriously, it was like the writers were trying to see how many stories they could fit in this one, 22-minute episode.  And I don't usually take off for writers making homages to classical stories, but it just didn't work in this episode.  I imagine that the writers thought this would be a delightful tale of unfortunate events inspired by classic stories, but what really happened made me think, "Really?  Did you really just make a popular reference to Gulliver's Travels?  And ooooh!  It's the Wizard from The Wizard of Oz...only he's an alien...I'm so impressed (not really)..."  I know that sounds really snarky but I think that every time I watch this.  I am just. Not. Impressed.

    And then we get to the backgrounds.  That was one thing that the first episode got right (sort of).  The backdrops in this one were either bland and uninspired or something I've seen before.  Unfortunately, when you go through four seasons, the space battles end up looking like "been there, done that" and the planets just were not that interesting.  Even the pirate ship wasn't that impressive.  So, I was not impressed by the backgrounds.  Now, the only good things that I can say about this episode was that it did have more action and there were a few good moments.  Even though the action was not usually the center of attention, it was still there, which is more than can be said of "Mercy Mission".  As far as any good moments were concerned, there was one where the two droids are losing power and they both sit underneath a large mushroom tree.  Threepio stops his complaining and Artoo stops being snarky and the two sit and "die" together and it was really a heart wrenching moment because at that moment you really get to see how much they care about each other.  That has to be one of my favorite scenes in the entire episode.  And at the end, there was a part that actually made me laugh out loud when Threepio starts to regale a reluctant Commander Wolffe about his adventures.  When the commander shook his head in defeat it was actually pretty dang funny.

    Overall...don't watch this episode.  In fact, unless you are a diehard Clone Wars fan, a fan of either Threepio or Artoo, or just have NOTHING else better to do, just skip this 2-Parter altogether.  It is boring, bland, sometimes derivative, and just unspectacular.  Seriously, this story arc is a very forgettable blip in the Clone Wars universe.  :(

    Rating:  1.0 out of 10

    Story Arc Rating:  1.5 out of 10

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  • Hahahah sounds like you didn't really like the episode. And you have a great day too!

  • WARNING! This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 7, "Darkness on Umbara"

    Moral:  "The first step towards loyalty is trust."

    Main Character Focus:  Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex

    Overview:  Story Arc 1 of 4.  Battle on Umbara!  The Republic tries to take the strategic world of Umbara by capturing its capital city, but the local militia is proving to be much more difficult to handle than expected!  To make things more difficult, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker is called back to Coruscant to meet with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.  In his place, Jedi General Pong Krell steps in and even though he is shown appropriate respect by the Clones, he gives none back, which causes the troopers to take an instant dislike to him.  Will the troopers be able to complete their mission under such harsh conditions or will they fall on the shadowy planet of Umbara?

    Review:  Ah, the lovely planet of Umbara!  Now we get into some good episodes with some amazing characters, a cool new environment, and plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat!  The only issue that I have with this episode is with the newest Jedi, Pong Krell, and the "mystery" aspect that he poses for the story.

    And now we start the ever-popular Umbara Arc and it's popular among fans for good reason!  One of the biggest reasons was that we finally really get to focus on some Clone Trooper characters like Rex and Fives.  We also get to meet some more clones like Hardcase and Dogma, which we'll really start to learn more about in future episodes.  For me, a story arc like this was pretty well overdue because there just aren't that many clone-specific arcs in this series.  Many stories tend to focus more on the Jedi and their struggle with the Sith and there are Jedi in this episode, but for once they actually seemed to take more of a backseat role or in Krell's case, a more antagonistic role.  So, it's pretty great that we're getting the full, 4-Part Arc treatment for the clones.  Speaking of clones, who better to lead this arc than with Rex and Fives?  Rex is a great character in his own right and is really a fantastic character to offset the harsh Pong Krell.  Unlike Fives, who is a bit more outspoken about his dislike for Krell's brute force tactics, Rex is a bit more professional about it, which makes for great drama between him and Krell and him and Fives.  I mean, you can actually see the mental torture as he tries to follow orders, even though he knows what he is doing is not the best plan of attack.  That's pretty fantastic if you ask me, because not only are we getting the action, which is AMAZING, but the drama of wartime as well.  And the action, oh wow, the action!  This story arc has got to have some of the most intense war scenes in the entire series so far and one thing that I LOVE about it is the fact that it is so chaotic but it isn't so chaotic for the viewer, if you get my meaning.  The action scenes were well thought out so that you got the essence of war without getting lost in it, which would be easy to do on a murky-looking planet like Umbara (or any planet for that matter).  Umbara itself is a pretty cool and different environment from what we've seen so far.  It has a neat, fascinatingly creepy vibe that is only enhanced by the vicious flora and fauna and the crafty and elusive denizens, the Umbarans.

    I only have one concern with this episode and that's with General Krell.  I will give him this: he's cool-looking, he's a great fighter, and he's not so annoying that you want to punch him in the jaw every time he opens his mouth.  Granted, it does irk me how he's such a jerk to all the clones and his lack of interest in the safety of his men is more than a little disturbing, especially for a Jedi.  That stuff isn't so bad, but the reason I take off here is because it starts something that really doesn't go over well in later episodes.  Krell's entrance in the story starts a sort of mystery that in the end wasn't so mysterious, especially considering the fact that some occurences happened that were a little TOO convenient if you ask me.  More on THAT in later reviews...

    Overall, this episode was pretty spectacular with its action and drama, the top-notch characters, and the spooky new environment.  The start of the mystery of Pong Krell wasn't as subtle as I'd have liked it, but the episode was pretty great, nonetheless.  :)

    Rating:  9.0 out of 10

  • WARNING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 8, "The General"

    Moral:  "The path of ignorance is guided by fear."

    Main Character Focus:  Captain Rex

    Overview:  Story Arc 2 of 4.  Suicide Mission!  Captain Rex and the other clones receive new orders to attack a pivotal airbase but it could cost them dearly!  General Krell has adopted a similar strategy to the earlier attack on the capital: Frontal Assault.  This doesn't sit well with the clones as they will be heavily exposed to enemy attack.  They will need to think outside of the box in order to survive this apparent suicide mission!

    Review:  And the fun continues!  If you thought the first episode was intense, get a load of this one with its explosive battle scenes, great technology, and heightened drama!

    So now we're going from one suicide mission to another as the Republic attacks an important airbase!  This means more action and definitely more drama.  Ironically, even though this episode is called "The General", the General is actually not as big a presence in this episode than in the first, but when he is in the episode he's stirring up dissent among the clones with his blatant disregard for clone lives.  This of course causes more conflicting emotions in Rex who REALLY wants to be a good, honorable soldier and follow orders, but at the same time he really wants to do what's best for his men.  This not only causes friction with Krell, but with Fives, who is starting to wonder if Rex is just bred to mindlessly follow orders.  It's a very realistic drama that's going on and it just keeps you coming back for more!  Speaking of more, there's a lot more destruction and mayhem in this episode, believe it or not.  The first gave you a really good taste, but this one is the full course!  It was practically non-stop action from start to finish and like the first, it was thought out well.  Not only was it well done, but the technology featured was pretty cool.  For instance, the crawler tanks were really neat and imaginative.  I liked those and they really seemed to fit with the world they were created in.  The next are the spider cannons, which I thought weren't quite as cool as the crawlers, but they were definitely more deadly.  And the last were the Umbaran fighters.  Those things were...definitely different.  It was amusing to watch Fives and Hardcase try to fly those things and they looked really difficult to fly, which made the clones' rescue even more impressive in the end!

    As far as cons go, there really weren't any, at least nothing significant.  I told you before that Pong Krell posed a bit of a problem in terms of the story, but in this one it was definitely done a bit subtler than in the first, so that situation was handled a little better.  The only con that I might see for some viewers would be the fact that the action sometimes seemed to drag on a bit.  I kinda thought that the first time I watched it, but really it's not significant enough to really consider it a "con" because it seemed to drag on just a very little bit at times.  For some, it may not drag on at all, so you'd have to see for yourself on that one.  Other than that, this episode...was pretty perfect.

    Overall, this was a perfect episode (or close to it) with amazing action, intense drama, and really cool Umbaran technology!

    Rating:  10 out of 10

  • WARNING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 9, "Plan of Dissent"

    Moral:  "The wise man leads, the strong man follows."

    Main Character Focus:  Captain Rex

    Overview:  Story Arc 3 of 4.  A risky plan!  When the clones capture the Umbaran airbase that was sending the Umbaran capital arms and supplies, they find that the capital is still being supplied, only this time by a guarded ship in orbit!  After receiving this news from Master Kenobi, Master Krell decides to lead yet another full-on assault on the capital!  Captain Rex, disturbed at the prospect of going through another devastating full-on attack, suggests another plan: Take a few Umbaran fighters and covertly destroying the supply ship.  This is immediately shot down by Krell and even though it will be risky, not to mention detrimental to their careers, Fives, Hardcase, and Jesse go through with the plan anyway!

    Review:  Now the drama is heating up with greater character developments, pretty good action, and did I mention more drama?

    Well, no one can say that Krell's tactics are not unpredictable.  Full-on assault seems to be his thing, which is great when you're not the one in harm's way.  The clones, which ARE the ones in harm's way, are quickly getting tired of Krell's disregard for their lives.  This of course is causing even more drama in clone land.  Tensions are running even higher than ever between Fives and Rex, the other clones are grumbling even louder at Krell's seeming hatred towards them, and now we have Dogma trying to rat everyone out because he's a good little general's pet.  Seriously, did no one tell him that no one likes a tattle tale?  So, while we have that little clone soap opera going on, we get to learn a lot more about our clone characters.  Unfortunately, this makes it pretty hard to watch when Hardcase sacrifices himself on the supply ship.  I was getting to like the enthusiastic little guy...And Krell's another one that we're also starting to get to know.  He's in this episode more and we see that he's a very set-in-his-ways kinda guy that really does not like people "beneath" him going against his explicit orders.  Seriously, what's up with this guy court-martialing and executing people?  An even bigger red flag is waving in my head...

    When it comes to the action, it's really not quite as prevalent as it was in earlier episodes, but that's because the writers spent more time amping up the drama, which definitely isn't a bad thing.  Still, it's pretty good.  Unlike in previous episodes, though, we are focusing on space combat and it was no less spectacular!  Like in previous episodes, the battles were clean and focused but still had the element of chaos that is present in war.  It was sad though when we lost Hardcase.  I was starting to like him and great reference to Phantom Menace, writers!  Getting inspiration from little Anakin's exploits was a pretty nice touch.  The only con that I could really see with this episode was that I sometimes had trouble distinguishing which clone was which at times, especially since we are starting to branch out into the lower-ranked ones now, but to be fair, I always seem to get them slightly confused anyway...

    Overall, this was another perfect episode that definitely focused more on drama and character development but didn't skimp too much on the action either!

    Rating:  10 out of 10

  • WARNING! This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 4, Episode 10, "Carnage of Krell"

    Moral:  "Our actions define our legacy."

    Main Character Focus:  Captain Rex

    Overview:  Story Arc 4 of 4.  Traitors!  After the failed execution of clones Jesse and Fives, the clones confront General Krell.  Just as he was about to dole out punishment, he gave orders to attack a group of Umbarans dressed as clones and using clone weapons.  Come to find out, the "Umbarans" were actually clones!  Now, Rex must make a hard, dark choice, a choice that could affect the entire Umbaran campaign!

    Review:  Now THIS is how you end an arc!  It has fantastic action, drama galore, and a great surprise twist!  Or at least I would say that if the twist was actually a surprise...

    Wow.  This was definitely an emotionally charged episode.  Dang.  This episode was a fine and wonderful culmination of all of the hatred and mistrust that had been festering between Krell and the clones for the past three episodes.  It was especially engaging when they tried to execute Jesse and Fives for disobeying orders in the previous episode.  It really left you wondering, "Surely they wouldn't actually go through with this!"  And it was a relief when they didn't.   And if that wasn't enough of a drama bomb, how about when the clones attacked each other in the field because Krell pitted them against each other?  Woah.  That was pretty intense and did they seriously just kill off Waxer?  I can't believe they killed off Waxer!  For those who may not remember, he was one of the clones on Ryloth in the First Season that took care of little Numa and now he's dead!  And to go out like THAT!  Man, that was one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen in this series.  Seriously, that made me want to cry.  And then if that wasn't enough for you, seeing Rex struggle to shoot Krell after learning that he was going to defect to the Separatists was almost painful to watch.  You could see the turmoil on his face as he felt conflicted over following orders, showing mercy, or killing Krell so that the Umbarans wouldn't get their military secrets if they ever got to him or he escaped.  That was pretty impressive on the writers' part.  And then to see Krell get shot while trying to get into Rex's head by none other than Dogma, the teacher's pet, was like...Mind. BLOWN.  I gotta hand it to the writers, they really did a great job with a vast amount of the story on this one.  It not only made you want to figure out how it was all going to pan out, but it made you think too.  It also helped that there was also a lot of action featured, the two main times being when we saw the emotionally charged clone vs. clone fight and the battle between the evil Krell and the clones.  That was pretty epic.

    Now on to the twist in the story: Krell's evil!  Omg, I totally didn't-oh, wait...right...I totally saw that coming.  From ten miles away.  Yeah...that's one thing that really disappoints me, not only for this episode, but for this entire arc.  The surprise twist of Krell being a Dooku lacky hopeful was not very surprising.  In fact, I saw the whole "Krell was evil" thing in the first dang episode.  It was SO obvious!  The next two episodes weren't quite as much, but his lack of compassion, haughty attitude, and vicious punishment of Fives and Jesse really sent up a red flag in my brain.  And then in the fourth episode, lo and behold, we find out he's evil!  I should have been all like "Woah!  I can't believe it!", but instead, I was all like, "Eh, saw that comin'."  That really irks me.  That frustrates me to no end because if the writers had been much more subtle, then that would have been an even bigger surprise, which would have taken the amazing experience over the top and into story telling perfection.  But because they planted a frickin' TREE of doubt instead of a seed in the first episode, it was no surprise at all when Krell turned bad.  Seriously, that was poorly handled.

    Overall this was a fantastic episode and a great, though not perfect, end to a great story arc.  When it comes to the story arc itself, it's pretty fantastic.  It really had some great, intense action that's some of the best in the series, the drama caused by Krell was pretty engaging, and the story was just as great with one little caveat: Krell's defection.  Krell being evil should have been a surprise, but it really wasn't because the writers lacked any kind of subtlety in regards to him.  I mean, in the first episode, he came onto the field and the Umbaran's left.  And then, after having choice words with Rex, he walks off and the Umbarans attacked again.  Yeah...that's not suspicious at all.  And then let's not forget Krell's general demeanor and lack of compassion for life.  Seriously, that should have been a big red flag too.  Jedi are compassionate and wise, not grouchy and one-track-minded.  Because of all of these factors, I just wasn't as surprised as I'd like to have been when we learned that Krell was rotten.  Fortunately, the other aspects of the arc really made up for that for the most part.  Another thing that made up for the poorly handled mystery was the fact that it made you think.  It really made you debate on whether the clones were right for questioning the general's orders and later mutinying.  On one hand, being a good soldier means following orders, but then again, if the orders are being made in poor judgement or because your commander is EVIL, then it wouldn't be wise to follow them.  That's really presented well in this arc and this arc also serves as a chilling preview of what would come during Order 66.  It's especially chilling in the end when Fives tells Rex that the war would eventually end and they wonder what would happen to them then.  What indeed...

    Rating:  9.0 out of 10

    Story Arc Rating:  9.5 out of 10

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