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Star Wars Rebels Reviews

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  • That's alright!  Much like anything else, not everyone's gonna like it, and I understand and respect that.  For me, I got into this series after the Clone Wars series ended.  Since this is its replac-I mean its successor, I wanted to see if it could truly step up as the next Star Wars CG series.  So far, I'm not too disappointed.  It's no Clone Wars, that's for sure, but it's still a pretty good show in its own right.  It's got pretty good characters, a pretty solid story line, some pretty intense action and drama, and some characters from the Clone Wars series.  The only thing that I'm not overly ecstatic about is some of the dialogue can be a bit juvenile and the animation seems a bit more "cartoonish" than the Clone Wars, however that's to be expected from a show that airs on Disney XD, a channel that targets a younger demographic.

    I would suggest that if you're interested, just watch a few episodes and see how you like it.  If you're not into it a few episodes in, then you're probably not going to be a fan, which isn't a bad thing.  Like I said, not everyone's going to like it and you may just be one of them.  :)

  • Personally I love the Clone Wars Umbara arc, so amaizing to have just Rex and his 501st being the focus and doing some early Jedi hunt (they where clearly shaken by the death of Pong Krell and it gave me shivers because I know what goes on in Episode 3).

  • WARNING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 2, Episode 18, "The Mystery of Chopper Base"

    Quote:  "This planet may be hot, dry, and unpleasant...but at least there's nothin' trying to kill us."


    Main Character Focus:  The crew of the Ghost and Rex

    Overview:  Stand-Alone.  A new base for the Rebels has been found!  The crew of the Ghost and the other Rebels are settling into their new safe haven when a lieutenant goes missing.  When Sabine and Rex go and check on her at her last known location, they find that their safe haven is not as safe as they thought!  While this is going on, Kanan and Ezra prepare to depart with Ahsoka to confront the Inquisitors, which makes Hera and the others distracted.  Are our band of heroes disbanding?  And will they be able to survive the new threat long enough to disband at all?

    Review:  You know, I hate loud, annoying neighbors, but at least mine don't try to eat me.  Or look like giant monster spiders.  *Azure shivers*.  Geez, it's like Skyrim all over again...Anywho, this episode is a definite improvement over the last one.  It has nice, heart-pounding action, lovely emotional tension, and a great set up for the next part of Kanan and Ezra's story.  The only thing that I didn't really like much was the humor seemed a little off point this time around and the kryknas are a little too disturbing for my taste.

    So, it seems that Kanan and Ezra are about to leave.  For how long?  No one knows.  It seems that Kanan can't handle the thought of potentially endangering the Rebel Fleet any longer, so he's decided that he, Ezra, and Ahsoka must go and confront the Inquisitors.  This episode seemed to be a bit of a last hoorah for the team before the Jedi depart for an unknown length of time.  With that being said, it wasn't so much of a "filler" episode as one might think.  Like I said, this seemed to be a last mission before the real challenge begins and it's to make sure that the base Chopper found was safe enough to be viable for the Rebel Fleet to use.  While this is happening, we get to see a lot of action but I think the underlying drama seemed to come a little bit into the forefront throughout the episode.  Everyone knows this is the last time Kanan and Ezra will be with them for a while and they're feeling pressure.  Even though Hera understands Kanan's reasoning for leaving, she's still not okay with it, Zeb may look like he's kicking back but you can tell by his glib behavior with Ezra that he's gonna miss him, and I think Sabine is quietly grieving inside over the whole situation.  You can tell that something is coming in the story, because the set up is just too good.  One last great adventure, Hera and Kanan have an emotionally charged embrace at the end, and Ezra and Ahsoka talk about the mystery of the Force after he can't connect with a krykna.  Oh yeah, and we're also nearing the end of the season, so that is also heralding a great change in the story.  But will it be for the better?  Or the worse?

    The only things that I really didn't like about this episode were the fact that the humor was a bit off and the krykna creatures were a little too disturbing for my tastes.  When it comes to the humor, I felt that it wavered from a little cheesy to flat-out awkward at times, like when Kanan made his "excited" face.  Awk-waaaaard...And some of the stuff that Ezra said to Zeb and Kanan at times seemed to remind me of some of the early Clone Wars repartee and if you've read any of my early episode Clone Wars Reviews, you'd know how much I frowned on it.  So, there's that and then there's the kryknas.  With this series being set in a sci-fi genre you're bound to see some new and interesting creatures and this series has no shortage of them, but this...was just creepy on so many levels.  Let's just say that if you have an issue with spiders, this may not be your favorite episode.  The kryknas not only look like gigantic spiders, but they have a vicious, predatorial streak to boot.  This may not be an issue with most adults, but frankly I'm surprised they put a creature that scary on a show that's also aimed towards kids.  So, just to warn you or parents of children with spider phobias...this can get a little scary and/or disturbing.

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode with some great action, some emotionally charged drama, and a great set up into what I believe is the looming end of the season.  The only issues I had were with the humor and the creepy krykna creatures.  :(

    Rating:  9.0 out of 10

  • Rip Red Shirt Rebel soldier.

  • WARNING!  This review may contain spoilers!

    Episode:  Season 2, Finale, "Twilight of the Apprentice"

    Quote:  "Who comes forth?"

                 "Ezra, uh...Ezra Bridger.  I was told this holocron is the key to knowledge."

                 "Indeed, Ezra Bridger.  And do you know what knowledge is?"

                 "Tell me!"

                 "Knowledge...is power."

                                                                           -Sith Holocron and Ezra Bridger

    Main Character Focus:  Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Chopper, Ahsoka Tano, the Inquisitors and Darth Vader

    Overview:  Two-Part Finale.  A Sith Temple is found on Malachor!  In search of knowledge, Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka travel to the planet of Malachor, a planet well known for being powerful in the Dark Side!  There, they find an Inquisitor, an old Force-user, and a Sith Holocron full of knowledge of the Sith that could help the Rebels defeat the Inquisitors and their master, Darth Vader!  But such knowledge always comes with a heavy price...

    Review:  Okay, I gotta hand it to this episode.  I think it made my "best episode in the entire series" spot.  Yeah.  It was THAT good.  This finale had it all: new and old characters, epic battles, excellent drama, and an ending that makes you want Fall to come as soon as it can!

    Wow...just...WOW.  That was awesome!!  By far, the best episode(s) of the series.  To start off, we get to Malachor, which is a planet made famous in the popular video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.  It was also referenced in the Clone Wars series as an expletive.  Since I've never played the game (wish I had), I'm not the best person to ask about consistency, but I thought the place was pretty cool.  It had me at creepy obelisks on a metallic surface inside a crater.  So, there's that, and then there's the characters.  We've gathered up pretty much every Force-user in the series so far and thrown them into this crater to duke it out and even some that we haven't seen!  We have Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka for the Jedi; Darth Vader, the Fifth Brother, the Seventh Sister, and making his debut, the Eighth Brother; and then we have...a mysterious figure that is later revealed to be Darth Maul!  Only he's Maul now.  That's an important distinction.  These two were very interesting additions right here at the end of the season.  The Eighth Brother was a pretty fearsome and enigmatic villain.  He never took his helmet off, which I thought was a little frustrating after a while, but at the same time it sort of added to his allure, so to speak.  I kinda wonder if he actually died in the end?  The other two Inquisitors actually did die, we saw that, but we only saw him fall after foolishly trying to helicopter away on a damaged lightsaber (it's cool you can do that, but seriously, dude?).  It makes me wonder if he might make a come back in the next season.  And then there's good ol' Maul.  I wondered whatever happened to him after the Clone Wars.  It's not surprising that he's now a bitter old man with an axe to grind with the Empire, since the last time we saw him he was at the feet of his old Master, Darth Sidious, crying like a little girl for mercy after getting Sith spanked on Mandalore.  Now, it seems he's trying to gain knowledge and power in order to get revenge on his master for tossing him aside like garbage.  It also seems like he's back to his old manipulating tricks again.  The writers really did a good job by making me wonder who's side he was really on.  They really had me wondering.  I should have known that Maul would be on Maul's side, though.  So, that was cool and I liked the fact that Sam Witwer was reprising his role as Maul from the Clone Wars.  Now, we see Maul fly off and that is most likely not the last we will see of him...

    The other major thing about this episode(s) that was awesome were the lightsaber battles.  There were many great ones with different people throughout.  Going back to Maul, he showed us that he may be old, but he was once a Sith Lord and not to be trifled with.  I thought that was great.  Then you have the deaths of the Inquisitors.  There were many skirmishes between them and the Jedi and Maul, but in the end, Maul ended up killing two of them and one ended up falling to his supposed death.  Now that they are gone, I can't help but wonder who the main antagonist(s) are going to be in the Third Season?  And then you have Kanan's injury at the hands of Maul.  That made me go, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Kanan!"  That was REALLY unexpected.  I did NOT see that coming.  What I did see coming was Vader's and Ahsoka's battle later on.  That not only was an EPIC battle, it was also a big, giant DRAMA BOMB.  Wow.  And then when Kanan and Ezra had to leave Ahsoka after she found out Vader was Anakin?  That nearly made me scream out, "OMG, NOT AHSOKA!!!"  Woo...this episode is wearing me out...and then we get to the ending.  Gotta say, I was emotionally worn out by the time we saw Kanan return to Hera and the others.  It nearly made me cry to see everybody so sad about Kanan's blindness, and I especially felt for Rex after he saw Ahsoka was conspicuously missing.  My suspicions about Maul's fall were true when we saw him fly off, probably to fight another day, and we all knew this wasn't where Vader dies.  I am a little curious about Ahsoka.  I didn't see her the first time around,  but a few times later after watching the recording, I think she was seen at a distance walking back into the Temple.  Hmmm.  All of this really makes me die to see the Third Season, but we gotta wait until Fall.  *Sigh*  :(

    Overall, this is the BEST episode of the lot.  All of the other episodes led to this pivotal point where Kanan is blind, Ahsoka may not be dead, Maul and Vader are definitely not dead, and Ezra may be falling deeper and deeper into the Dark Side of the Force after lifting the Sith Holocron...

    Rating:  10 out of 10

  • Leaving Ashoka fate in the air after all this time was wrong from my point of view (she could have just died from combat wounds). These season finales are getting dangerous for the Inquisitors then again, we never hear from them in the OT either. Ezra doesn't know what he is getting into by opening that Sith Holocron at the end (crosses fingers for Imperial Bioweapon  Blackwing to appear, aka Death Troopers).

  • I know and what's sad is that Kanan doesn't seem to be teaching him about the dangers of the Dark Side.  It's almost like he's afraid to talk about it or something.  I'm kinda wondering if they're going to do this sort of "Ezra's gonna be a master of the Force" kinda thing or if they're going to turn him dark and then make him go light again.  I don't know.  All I know is that opening a Sith Holocron is a pretty big step towards going to the Dark Side. :(

    You know, it took me a few times, but I saw Ahsoka going back into the temple.  I had read about it online and then I watched the recording again and sure enough there she was.  I'm hoping that she and Vader didn't make some sort of deal or something, or worse, SHE'S going to the Dark Side.  That's gonna suck.  She's gone Dark once and it wasn't pretty.  And you're right about those Inquisitors!  First the Grand Inquisitor and now these three grunts?  And what's scary is that they were probably called the Fifth Brother, Eighth Brother, and Seventh Sister for a reason.  I wonder if we'll eventually see ALL the brothers and sisters...

  • Hey everybody!  Welcome to my Rebels Season 2 Round-Up!  I am officially done with the Season Two Reviews and now I'm going to refresh your memories on their ratings!  I will also add The Siege of Lothal Movie Review.  After that, I'm going to summarize my feelings of the Season.  :)


    Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal - 10 out of 10


    Second Season


    1.  "The Lost Commanders" - 10 out of 10

    2.  "Relics of the Old Republic" - 10 out of 10

          Overall Story Arc Score: 10 out of 10

    3.  "Always Two There Are" - 8.0 out of 10

    4.  "Brothers of the Broken Horn" - 7.0 out of 10

    5.  "Wings of the Master" - 7.0 out of 10

    6.  "Blood Sisters" - 6.5 out of 10

    7.  "Stealth Strike" - 9.5 out of 10

    8.  "The Future of the Force" - 9.0 out of 10

    9.  "Legacy" - 10 out of 10

    10.  "A Princess on Lothal" - 8.5 out of 10

    11.  "The Protector of Concord Dawn" - 9.5 out of 10

    12.  "Legends of the Lasat" - 9.5 out of 10

    13.  "The Call" - 4.5 out of 10

    14.  "Homecoming" - 10 out of 10

    15.  "The Honorable Ones" - 10 out of 10

    16.  "Shroud of Darkness" - 9.0 out of 10

    17.  "The Forgotten Droid" - 5.5 out of 10

    18.  "The Mystery of Chopper Base" - 9.0 out of 10

    Finale:  "Twilight of the Apprentice" - 10 out of 10


    And there's the Second Season!  I calculated the exact average (using overall story arc scores instead of individual ones when applicable) and it came out to 8.55.  So, rounded up to 8.6 out of 10.  You know, I thought it would have gotten a better score than the First Season, but it's actually .2 lower!  Huh.  That's still pretty amazing though that out of 20 episodes and a movie it got that high a score.  At least the series seems to be pretty consistent.  This season seemed to really amp it up (or at least I thought) with a great many new and old characters from both the films and the Clone Wars series, some great action, and drama that made me connect more with the characters than ever before!  And man, I gave out SEVEN perfect 10s!  That's crazy.  But then again, there were some crazy good episodes in this Season, like the Siege of Lothal movie, the Old Republic Arc, "Legacy", and the epic one hour Finale "Twilight of the Apprentice"!  If this keeps up, then this series will be just as good, if not better, than the Clone Wars.  As much as I loved the Clone Wars, I hope that this series, which seems to be its successor in A LOT of ways, keeps doing well.  I'm pretty sure that this series has been renewed, so new episodes should be returning this Fall.  Until then, I'll be wondering if Maul will show himself again to try to take Ezra as his Sith Apprentice, if Ahsoka will return to the Rebellion after her near fatal encounter with Darth Vader, how Ezra and the others are going to cope with Kanan's blindness, who will come after the Rebels next, and if Ezra will succumb to the allure of the power of the Dark Side after attempting to open a Sith Holocron!  :D

  • "The Call", I know what goes down in all the others but....Oh right, the one with the space whales!

  • Yes, the really boring one with the space whale things.  I have to admit, the whale creatures that could travel through hyperspace was an interesting and neat idea but the rest of the episode just...wasn't.  I'm not surprised you didn't remember that one right off.  That one is an easily forgettable blip in the Star Wars universe...

  • Hi, everyone, I have an announcement to make.  Season 3 has started and it was really good!  Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll be able to write a review or if I'll be able.  I've been going through some stuff and I don't know if I'll be able to write Rebels Reviews anymore.  I'll keep you guys posted.

    BTW, I'm going to continue writing Clone Wars Reviews until the end of the Fourth Season and then I'll be completely done with the series.

    Thanks everyone.  I'll keep you updated on the situation.

  • Hi everyone!  I have a major announcement to make.  I've had a good, long week to think about it and I've decided to not continue writing Rebels Reviews anymore.  I'm sorry, but current circumstances in my life demand my attention more.  I will continue to write Clone Wars Reviews until this season is done and then I'll be completely finished with it.  It's been real fun and I've loved discussing these episodes with you all.  I hope you all continue enjoying the series, I know I will, so thanks, and good bye!

    P.S.  I'm not really "leaving", I'm just not going to write reviews anymore.  We can continue to discuss the series here if you want.  See you all later!

  • Azure's high quality writing for reviews have sadly come to a an end... ;_; but it's okay!!! Now it's time to write a story, Azure!!!

  • Aw, don't cry, Warrior!  I'm still writing some Clone Wars Reviews and we'll see about some blogs, but it's getting to a point where I just can't do it anymore.  As far as writing my own story...well...we'll see.

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