This is the place to find all the Star Wars related blogs on GIO. Below are links to said blogs, listed in order of discovery. 

This is of course a work in progress, so if you find a blog that needs to be added, or if you would like a blog to be removed, please notify the group. 

My Ideal Game by sorryjzargo

Star Wars Celebration VI: A Picture Review by Darth-Carbonite

Fighting Fate Itself (Star Wars) by blaze6106

Star Wars and Video Games by stormfront

I want SWG Back, But I want Improvements by wayoverdue

May The Fourth Be With You (2012) by Saint

Missing In Action by Luis E. Morales Falcon

Star Wars Episode VII: A New Hope? Part 1 by Jack Gardner

Disney, Lucas, and SquareEnix by AshaMan3000

My Lego Republic Officers by Luis E. Morales Falcon