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The Shared Worlds Writing Group

A writing group where everyone writes in the same world(s). Anyone's welcome to join!

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  • Blog Post: Two Recovered Jumbonium Stories in Their Original Format

    Hello once again, people of the Shared Worlds Writing Group! I have found two of my Jumbonium stories saved on my laptop, and will now share them with you in their original, unaltered forms! The first story I have for you I wrote in 6th or 7th grade and originally called it "Petsmart" but then...
  • Forum Post: Re: Official Jumbonium Thread

    Man-Eater Bio and Profile (Will update later, this is just a placeholder)
  • Forum Post: Official Jumbonium Thread

    Ok, so this is the official Jumbonium Thread. I'll post as much information about the Jumbonium as possible here when I get the time. Some basic information first: The Jumbonium is purely for fun. If something goes against my official canon, I don't care too much, as long as it doesn't undo...
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