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Pikmin 3

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  • I'll get Pikmin 3 for sure. I dunno when I'll get the Wii U. It all depends on pricing.

  • I'm totally stoked for this game, I can't wait! I'm one of the biggest Pikmin fans out there, and less than two months ago I finally fully beat Pikmin 2 and Titan Dweevil was quite a battle, but only lost like 5 Pikmin :D

    Anywho, is there local multiplayer (for the campaign) in this game?

  • Sweet! I really hope there is because I would love to play it with my sister!

    Oddly enough I bought Pikmin 1 for Wii and Pikmin 2 for Gamecube. I  bought Pikmin 1 for Wii and thought it was amazing (I used to rent it from blockbuster) and when I finished for the 80th time, I wanted to try Pikmin 2, so when I finally looked online if there would be a Pikmin 2 Wii Version I couldn't find anything so I bought a $40.00 version of Pikmin 2 at my local gamestop... Even after 5 years it was still worth that much, excellent game!

  • Ahaha I liked that analogy! They both had great aspects. For Pikmin: Original IP, solid gameplay, amazing graphics (for the time and even now), and the fun level was through the roof.

    For Pikmin 2: Much longer, sequel to amazing game, even amazing-er graphics, solid gameplay, larger replayability.

    Both are outstanding, but just wait until Pikmin 3 comes out... Words can't describe my excitement!

  • I'm really hyped up for Pikmin 3. I'm wondering how getting more Rock Pikmin will work. Please no more flowers.

    Peaceful Days died, Let's Survive 

  • I can't wait to see more Pikmin announced. And they better bring back the purple and white Pikmin from Pikmin 2! Also, Japan release date for Pikmin 3 is spring 2013. Great. -.-


    EDIT: By more Pikmin, I mean more types of Pikmin creatures.

  • So, any predictions for when it's going to launch? I have feeling it'll be February. I guess the attraction in Nintendo Land will have to do until then.

    Peaceful Days died, Let's Survive 

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