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The Walking Dead Video Game Thread

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  • Discuss how much you love or hate the Walking Dead video game here.

  • Well, I think if someone hates it, they won't post here. That said, I love the first three episodes. It's just... after that, things seem to go off the rails and aim for "dramatic" over "believable". The Stranger, in particular, is just too dependent on coincidence and chance. I can believe that a Jedi can use the Force, but I am not going to believe a guy can cross miles of terrain stalking a single group of survivors on a train, and have a safe location to plot out his revenge, along with not even being sane anymore.

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  • I think the video game series is excellently written, but toward the end - especially the last two chapters, it feels rushed. I mean, they kill off several characters regardless of the choices you make - something they sold the game off of - and there's no truly different ending outcome. I wasn't expecting a lot of them, but maybe two or three ending possibilities wouldn't have hurt. I absolutely loved Lee and would atleast liked to have seen him in another season, but I'm guessing they went the route they did with him because they might not have been sure about the game's future. It's going to be hard to measure up to him and the relationship he had with Clementine.

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  • I believe they'll keep Clementine as a consistent character, and I agree that several character deaths are very forced. I hated seeing Kenny lose his family, especially since I am also close to my parents. I just wish some of the characters had had ambiguous deaths.  If Carley/Doug and/or Kenny could have had ambiguous "possible" deaths, then they could have brought them back at some point. I do believe that your final words to Clementine, at the end, will define her behavior in the next season. I really wonder if Omid/Christa will return, since they do show to characters in the distance. It would be cool if the story kept following Clementine as she grows up, developing her consistently as a character.

    Side Note: For those of you that don't know, Lily does show up again in the comics... and is about as helpful there as she is in the game.

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    That's "Para-dime". Not "Pair-of-dig-em".

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