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The House Of El

Fans of the superman family/series unite! Also Become a member of our "House family!"


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  • Okay here are the rules for the profiles:

    1. You must follow format (if you want to add another category let me know first)
    2. Timeframe is set before the new 52 reboot, 15 years after the "War of the Supermen" Arc
    3. You can either choose between 4 main races or a hybrid of only 2 races!
      • Human (Male/female)
      • Kryptonian/Kandorian (male/female)
        • Kryptonian hybrids can only have a max age of 15
      • Amazonian (Female only)
      • Demigod (Olympian Pantheon [listed bellow]) (Male/female)
        • Only 26 demigods allowed (2 for each god)
          • Zeus
          • Hera
          • Poseidon
          • Demeter
          • Athena
          • Hestia
          • Apollo
          • Artemis
          • Ares
          • Aphrodite
          • Hephaestus
          • Hermes
          • Hades
            • Unlimited for hybrids
      • I chose these Races because I am a huge believer in the Kal/Diana and Kon/Cas unions but understand others prefer the Clark/Lois one
    4. Powers and Power Levels are in direct connection to age
    5. You Cannot be any of the following: Superman (any incarnations), Wonderwoman (any incarnations), Wondergirl (any incarnations), Superboy (any incarnations), Supergirl (any incarnations including powergirl)
    6. I am open to suggestions/additions (like if you wanted to add norse or egyptian pantheons)
    7. Other than that, format will be shown bellow with mine as the Example.

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

  • Name: Marcus Scott

    Race: Kryptonian/Demigod Hybrid (Poseidon lineage)

    Kryptonian Name (optional): Mir On (taken from this site [link] let me know if you find a better one)

    Alterego Name (optional): Oceanus

    Age: 15

    Rank/title: Superhuman/Founder

    Weapon(optional): Falchion Sword

    Powers: Super Strength, Invulnerability to magic, Ability to withstand massive amounts of pressure, swimming at great depths and speed, x-ray, heat, telescopic,and infrared visions, water constructs, high level of endurance/invulnerability, leap great distances, causes light seismic activity, light regerative/healing ability

    Colors: Blue/Black

    Country: United States

    Base of operations: Titans Tower in San Francisco

    Occupation: Student/Crimefighter/Champion of Poseidon

    Special Move: "Waverush" -claps hands in water to create a huge wave and swims in it to launch self into an opponent

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

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