As part of the second mass, there are a few rules I would hope you would all follow. Treat other members with respect and don't be a jerk. People of all different types are allowed on this group and part of the fun is learning to work together with others.

1.Therefore, if any question arises. Please see the actual GIO group rules. Always follow those!!!!!!

2. Please be kind to your fellow members and other members in different groups. 

3. Feel free to speak your mind. However, no matter your opinion, be respectful. Not everyone will                       always agree and this is part of learning to live together.

4. Please try not to create random threads. If you see a need for a thread, go for it!!!!!!! If not, no                         worries :P

5. It would be awesome if you could keep everything at a PG-13 and under rating. If you must post                  something with explicit language or gratuitous violence, post a link to it and a warning. Nudity and                explicit  sexual issues will not be tolerated!

6 Treat other groups with respect. Much like the 2nd Mass in the show had to learn to live with other                groups and help the Skitter, so must we.


7. Finally, Have fun and enjoy each other's company. Remember, I am new to this, so if you have any             questions or suggestions, let me hear it! I will make sure to listen. This is a democracy people!