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Welcome to Fun with Flags where we will talk about nothing but flags. BAZINGA!! In this blog, we will discuss nerds' favorite show, The Big Bag Theory!!!

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  • Forum Post: Big Bang Theory Trivia

    1.In the episodes"The Thespian Catalyst" (S4/E14) what does Sheldon change the Internet password to? 2. In the same episode, Sheldon claims that how many acting classes are necessary to truly master the craft? 3. In the episode " The Lunar Ecitation" (S3/E23) what is the word that...
  • Forum Post: Welcome Nerds! (New members)

    Just decided this would be a good way for new members to get their feet wet, meet other new members, and ask questions to the older members about what's going on. Allow me to introduce myself. Im Yno, the creator of this fan base. We are trying to make this group as interactive as possible so if...
  • File: Sheldon Ringtones!!

    Here is my famous and most popular ringtone that i made on Zedge called, Sheldon Drunk. Enjoy
  • Forum Post: Favorite Sheldon Cooper Quote

    As you know, Sheldon Cooper has a lot to talk about. Some say that he talks too much. But all of his talking are one of the things that we love about him. So there has to be something that he said that you liked. Do you have a Sheldon Cooper quote? Heres mine Sheldon Cooper: "I cry because others...
  • Forum Post: Re: Big Bang Talk

    I love everything about BBT. It's the funniest show ever. All of the actors are brilliant and they are what makes the show so great, Especially Jim Parsons a.k.a Sheldon Cooper. With his "Bazinga," and his *knock knock knock Penny act. and everything else about him makes the show. And everyone...
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