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This is the place for everything Batman. From comics, to movies, to, of course games. Come here to discuss anything that has to do with the Dark Night

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  • Forum Post: HUGE Batman sale on comixology!

    Check it out , guys! 99c for 201 Batman comics including stories such as A Death in the Family, and Knightfall. They're even letting you read Detective Comics 27 for free!
  • Forum Post: Re: What was your first experience with the Dark Knight?

    Mine was getting the comic The Untold Legend of the Batman #2 out of a cereal box. I made my grandma buy the cereal because it had a Batman comic in it. This is also one of the few comics that I've managed to hold on throughout my life so far, and not rebuy. Edit: Added link.
  • Forum Post: Re: Comics

    Sounds like you all have some good choices. I'd also have to add: A Death in the Family by Jim Starlin Battle for the Cowl by Tony Daniels (plus the tie-ins are good too) Lovers and Madmen by Michael Green Knightfall (the novelization of the comic book trilogy Batman: Knightfall, Batman: Knightquest...
  • Forum Post: Comics

    Discuss anything in the Batman comic world here.