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This is the place for everything Batman. From comics, to movies, to, of course games. Come here to discuss anything that has to do with the Dark Night

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  • Forum Post: Re: The Batman Movies Thread

    First of all, this article I've linked to contains arguable SPOILERS so beware. Someone over at comicvine posted an article about a new TDKR trailer. Take a look see . I say arguable because it's been pretty clear to me, and probably to most of you guys, the direction that Nolan's plot will...
  • Forum Post: Re: The Official Dark Night Rises Thread

    @Chewish: I hated how Clooney kept shaking his head like some bobble-head doll. It was so infuriating to me. Personally, I like Burton's film because of its oppressively dark feel. Plus, who would've thought of casting a short, stand-up comedian as Batman? I like Nolan's because they were...
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