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This is the place for everything Batman. From comics, to movies, to, of course games. Come here to discuss anything that has to do with the Dark Night

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  • Forum Post: Re: Favorite Villain?

    @Cameron: Yeah at first I wasn't all that impressed with Snyder's Death of the Family story arc but it's definitely gotten more intriguing. I must say that it was listening to an interview with him that Tony Guerrero did on comicvine that sold me on the whole thing as Snyder comes off as...
  • Forum Post: Re: What was your first experience with the Dark Knight?

    @Cameron: You have my condolences, but not with respect to the watching it with your dad part. :)
  • Forum Post: HUGE Batman sale on comixology!

    Check it out , guys! 99c for 201 Batman comics including stories such as A Death in the Family, and Knightfall. They're even letting you read Detective Comics 27 for free!
  • Forum Post: Re: Favorite Villain?

    Just in case you guys haven't heard, Scott Snyder (writer of Severed, American Vampire, Iron Man Noire, etc.) will be writing the return of that Clown Prince of Crime that we all love. Here's a link that has some of his and Greg Capullo's input about this event.
  • Forum Post: Re: The Batman Movies Thread

    First of all, this article I've linked to contains arguable SPOILERS so beware. Someone over at comicvine posted an article about a new TDKR trailer. Take a look see . I say arguable because it's been pretty clear to me, and probably to most of you guys, the direction that Nolan's plot will...
  • Forum Post: Re: The Official Dark Night Rises Thread

    @Chewish: I hated how Clooney kept shaking his head like some bobble-head doll. It was so infuriating to me. Personally, I like Burton's film because of its oppressively dark feel. Plus, who would've thought of casting a short, stand-up comedian as Batman? I like Nolan's because they were...
  • Forum Post: Re: Comics

    Sounds like you all have some good choices. I'd also have to add: A Death in the Family by Jim Starlin Battle for the Cowl by Tony Daniels (plus the tie-ins are good too) Lovers and Madmen by Michael Green Knightfall (the novelization of the comic book trilogy Batman: Knightfall, Batman: Knightquest...
  • Forum Post: Re: General Discussion

    Please watch this sweet fan film. Thank you.
  • Forum Post: General Discussion

    If there isn't a thread for it already talk about it here. Starting it off: What did you all think of that Gotham by Gaslight game that was cancelled?
  • Forum Post: Batman in Television

    Welcome to the "Batman in Television" discussion thread! This thread was originally created to discuss Batman the Animated Series, but has since grown to discuss any of Batman's broadcasted adventures, as well as any movies to come out of them. So, what's your favorite show? What's...
  • Forum Post: Favorite Villain?

    Batman has a huge cast of villains. which one do you like (or loathe) the most? I love Riddler alot, for the way he messed with you in the games. Scarecrow is great too, given what he did in Batman begins. My most hated villain is The Penguin. 5 feet of BS.
  • Forum Post: Gotham City Impostors

    Welcome to the Gotham City Impostors Forum! Here you can share your impressions of the beta, thoughts, or even desires for the upcoming team-based action shooter!
  • Forum Post: The Batman Arkham City Thread

    Talk about anything related to the world of Batman: Arkham City here.
  • Forum Post: The Batman Arkham Asylum Thread

    Talk about any intresting events in Arkham Asylum or any problems you've had with it here.
  • Forum Post: Comics

    Discuss anything in the Batman comic world here.
  • Forum Post: Re: The Official Dark Night Rises Thread

    Teaser trailer for The Dark Night rises.
  • Forum Post: Re: The Official Dark Night Rises Thread

    The first official trailer for The Dark Night rises. Awesome
  • Forum Post: The Batman Movies Thread

    This is the thread for everything related to The Dark Knight's movies.. Can't wait for the new one!
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