Hey team!

Just a quick not to recognize a small success, though with the strong caveat noting that we still have a LOT of work left to do.


TEAM GIO is currently, and for the first time ever, the highest raising/earning/donating team on Extra Life!  We currently have 41 participants and have raised over $1400!  We have 3 months(almost exactly) until October 20th, so we must work hard to make sure we not only meet our goal, but greatly exceed it!


Stop by and see the team page for yourself, read some of the pages of fellow TEAM GIOers to see which hospital they support, and in some cases some personal messages.


We are in the top spot, but not by much, so let's stay busy!


Also, big shout out to TEAM GIO member Champ_Frosty, as he is one of the top earners for the entire event so far! Great work everybody.