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Team GIO Extra Life 2012

A group to bring together Team GIO 2012 in their efforts to donate to charity.

Ideas to get donations

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  • Hey guys and gals of GIO and the internet, Earth, and The Milky Way(those in Andromeda are welcomed to read also),


    Your friendly neighborhood Mojo here. Stopping into share some thoughts on TEAM GIO and our donations.  Want to first say that I cried watching The Amazing Spiderman...multiple times.  I should feel shame, but I do not.


    While the above is totally true, that isn't what this is about.  I am sure many of you are aware that TEAM GIO sits in the #2 position in total donations for Extra Life 2012!  Woot, woot, we all give a hoot!  But we cannot and will not celebrate long.  You see, we are far from where we need to be, if we want to hold that spot, or meet an even bigger goal of finishing #1!


    The first year I heard about Extra Life, I read a very small article about it on IGN...the article was posted mere hours before the event started.  This was the extent of IGN"s recruitment, yet they achieved huge numbers in donations.  I seriously want to say it was over 9000!  But seriously, it was.  No planning, no hard work, no prizes.


    Last year, a similar thing happened with Destructoid.  They posted a news snippet right before the event, and got several thousand dollars in donations.  These places are big, they have something we do not.  Dtoid has Jim "Asshat" Sterling, who posts ridiculous writings, has every troll on the internet trying to emulate him, and that, my friends, as we all know, is a huge amount of idiots.  IGN has things too, they have Greg Miller, lovable, weiner dog owning, superman-superfan proclaiming, all around good guy(presumably, tho I totes onto you Miller...), they also have PSP Pornstar Jessica Chobot, and that blond chick who is turning more and more into Chobot every day.  They also have a whole bunch of web traffic.


    Those places, and many others can do this thing very easily, they have the numbers.  We don't, so therefore, we need the strength!  So starting right...3...2...1...NOW!  TEAM GIO is on a strict digital P90X regimen.


    We are doing great guys, but there is one thing that bothers me about our team right now.  I am not pointing any fingers, and I am not putting ANYBODY down, because we share our successes, regardless of who we are or the amount we have raised.  This thing that bothers me?  It is that we have an alarming number of team members with $0 dollars raised so far...that has to change, and it is up to all of us to make that happen.   Many of you may think that there is still plenty of time, and there is, there is for us, and for all the other teams.  This event will really become lively in the next 60 days, and if we don't have a substantial grip on that #1 spot, we will lose it.  A guy like Major Nelson can put out a couple tweets hours before the event, and he will get hundereds of donations worth thousands of dollars, with literally zero effort.


    There are several ways to get donations, and as individuals, we need to be accountable for our own donation gathering, but we are also expected to be good team members and help others.  


    Here are some things I suggest doing.  If you have some donations of your own, why not donate to somebody who has no donations?  It all goes toward our TEAM GIO goal, and ultimately to help treat sick children.  I call this the "plant a seed' donation method.  Say you are going to put $50 on your account, why not break that up into 5/10 donations and give it to others?


    You happen to read a great blog or review, sure, comments are always welcomed, but why not a small donation to that bloggers TEAM GIO account also?  I know that people help each other on GIO all the time with projects or problems outside of gaming, I know because I have helped, and been helped multiple times.  Somebody helps you out, why not throw a few bucks on their TEAM GIO account?


    I don't want to make anybody feel like having no donations is a bad thing, but I also want to challenge everybody to do the best that we can.  If you want to sign up for TEAM GIO, but are afraid you won't be able to pay any money yourself, please still sign up.   There are other ways to get donations.  Have some good writing or editing skills? Why not offer to help proofread another persons blog for a small donation?  Walk the neigbors kids, babysit their dogs, do whatever needs to be done.  I plan on selling some cool stuff on amazon or ebay that I don't need, and donating that money.  There are ways.


    Some of us are in better positions to donate to others, I completely get that, and for those GIOers who are fortunate to be in that spot at the moment, I call upon you to help your fellow gamer.  Sure, we all want to have a big number next to our name, be it in MP kills, high score, fastest time, etc.  So of course we all want to be the TEAM GIOer with the most money raised.  Nobody wants to be the TEAM GIOer with a goosegg next to their name.  Those that buy every new release upon release, or own every console just because they can,  why not skip that purchase of the game you won't even be able to unwrap for six months because you have such a huge backlog, and instead, spread that money around to other TEAM GIOers?


    Any other ideas people?  I am not going to disclose amounts, and I don't even want to say this, but it is important that you believe in this case that i practice what I preach so to speak.  Last year I donated more to fellow TEAM GIOers than I did myself, by far, and this year I have done the same.  Yeah, I want to reach my goal, but more importantly, I want YOU to reach yours.


    So, I am calling upon all of you to get busy, we have a lot of work to do.  Does it matter if we end up in anything less than 1st place? I mean after all, anything earned is going to help.  We are gamers, of course it matters.  We all love Luigi, but we all know Mario gets the love!  I am proud of each and everyone of you, and I will be if we end up in 1st, 11th, or 111th place, but we have to strive for the best.


    IGN and Destructoid may have more people, a larger community.   I have met some wonderful people in those places along with similar sites.  That said, one thing they are not; they are not US! We are compassionate, we are caring, we are selfless, we are GIO.  As a whole.  This is key, as whole, we are known for our amazing amount of humanity we have here, it's a tough reputation to live up to at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


    The time to act is now, get creative, share ideas, challenge each other, challenge me, let's do this thing!


    Maybe it's the Amazing Spiderman lingering in my system, but I love you guys:)




    "You know nothing Jon Snow"

  • First, thank you mojo for your donation. T'was quite unexpected.

    I am planning to do just this. I haven't yet because I would like to spread the wealth when I have more wealth to spread. Instead of dividing up 20 bucks, I'd rather divide up 200 bucks, if that makes sense.

    Those other big places have numbers, sure. But their communities and interaction are seriously lacking. I used to admin IGNs website for a bit, and I absolutely hated it.

    Do you think it would help to get it posted on the main page? With the news and whatnot?

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

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