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Fasten your seatbelts, because we're going back in time to an era when fashion was silly and gaming was simpler. Whether you're an 8-bit gaming fanatic or just fond of the last generation of consoles, there is a little something here for every history buff

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  • Forum Post: Re: Favorite Villain?

    @Cameron: Yeah at first I wasn't all that impressed with Snyder's Death of the Family story arc but it's definitely gotten more intriguing. I must say that it was listening to an interview with him that Tony Guerrero did on comicvine that sold me on the whole thing as Snyder comes off as...
  • Forum Post: Re: What was your first experience with the Dark Knight?

    @Cameron: You have my condolences, but not with respect to the watching it with your dad part. :)
  • Forum Post: HUGE Batman sale on comixology!

    Check it out , guys! 99c for 201 Batman comics including stories such as A Death in the Family, and Knightfall. They're even letting you read Detective Comics 27 for free!
  • Forum Post: Re: Favorite Villain?

    Just in case you guys haven't heard, Scott Snyder (writer of Severed, American Vampire, Iron Man Noire, etc.) will be writing the return of that Clown Prince of Crime that we all love. Here's a link that has some of his and Greg Capullo's input about this event.
  • Forum Post: Re: The Batman Movies Thread

    First of all, this article I've linked to contains arguable SPOILERS so beware. Someone over at comicvine posted an article about a new TDKR trailer. Take a look see . I say arguable because it's been pretty clear to me, and probably to most of you guys, the direction that Nolan's plot will...
  • Wiki Page: Batman

    Batman was created by Bob Kane in 1939. He first appeared in Detective Comics #27. Since then he has also appeared in video games, movies, and TV shows. Batman was born into the rich Wayne family, son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. His real name is Bruce Wayne. We he was a young child, he witnessed the...
  • Wiki Page: Alfred Pennyworth

    Alfred Pennyworth is the servant of Batman. He runs the daily operations in Wayne Manor and the Batcave underneath. Alfred was the servant of Batman's parents as well, and when they were murdered, he took over as the legal guardian of Batman. He is one of the very few people that know Batman's...
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    Maybe Batman isn't as smart as we thought.
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  • File: BATMARE!

    Rainbow Dash as Batman. Need I say more?
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  • File: Fluttershy as Batman

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