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Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

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  • Forum Post: Re: RE 6 theories.....

    Adym: It was alright except for the bits with Nemesis. It just look unpolished in those parts. Hopefully in the next month they'll put work into the boss & B.O.W AI. Why's he just standing there? The AI looked more flexible for him in RE3. Maybe Mray was right... Sniping and the shotgun looked...
  • Forum Post: Re: It's raining skinned cats and dogs in Silent Hill

    Adym: Worry not Aaron, we'll all be oding on survival horror in March what with the Silent Hill HD collection, Downpour and Operation Raccoon City coming out that month. "And it did not in any way resemble the movie, or Homecoming. We just want to make sure people notice that. It also looked...
  • Forum Post: Re: It's a Resident Evil Reunion In Raccoon City

    Masterassassin: I really hope this turns out well. But one thing I'm wondering, is it just multiplayer? No. You go through the story either alone, or with three other people co-op. The MP is just that, a standalone experience.
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