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Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

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    I believe that this is my first post on here I'm not on here a whole lot or other gaming sites for that matter mostly because I play games a lot when I can but I recently popped in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 into my PS2 because I was bored. Now I've been told that game has some hate on here...
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    We need more activity so to try and get a little discussion going on if you guys could have a good reboot or sequel made to game what would you choose? I personally would like to see another fatal frame. What about you guys?
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    Hello fellow horror fans. I'm just letting you guys know that I have stumbled upon a pretty unique horror game, Irisu Syndrome . The story is centered around three University students that gone on a camping trip, and witch with bunny ears. The soundtrack is simple piano score, and definitely sets...
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    So, with the announcement and reveal of Dead Space 3, we learn about the co-op option. Being able to drop in at any time, while it has been said that single player can still be played without co-op. It hasn't been said if we're stuck with an AI for single player yet. My personal impression is...
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    Well after finishing Silent Hill 2 and 3. I saw a trailer for a new game called Among the Sleep. (I'm pretty sure that was the title) and it looks pretty scary. A lot of people's reactions were that it looked interesting and could be really scary so I got to thinking. What is actually scary for...
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