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Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

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    Some of you may have seen the advertisements lately some of you have not. Well there is a new video game movie coming out this Oct. and it's based off of Silent Hill 3 storyline. I would love to hear everyone's(except Adym's)opinion on how they think this is gonna go down. Good, bad, embarrassing...
  • Forum Post: What scares you?

    Well after finishing Silent Hill 2 and 3. I saw a trailer for a new game called Among the Sleep. (I'm pretty sure that was the title) and it looks pretty scary. A lot of people's reactions were that it looked interesting and could be really scary so I got to thinking. What is actually scary for...
  • Forum Post: Silent Hill HD Impressions

    Hello all, I just wanted to see what everyone thinks of the HD collection so far, and give some of my own feedback. I can't imagine there being any spoilers for a game that's been out for 11 years, but I've only played a little of it so far so who knows... My first impressions: Obviously...
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    Well Resident Evil 6 has been announced and Silent Hill Downpour was recently released. But what other horror games are out there that you would like to hear from. Personally I'm waiting for a Dead Space 3 announcement. But what about you guys?
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