I believe that this is my first post on here I'm not on here a whole lot or other gaming sites for that matter mostly because I play games a lot when I can but I recently popped in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 into my PS2 because I was bored. Now I've been told that game has some hate on here for whatever reason but the thing is it was great fun and while the game may not be super the concept is gold. I think the thing that I enjoy most about the game is that the levels that you can play aren't exactly all connected so your not sitting through a big cutscene in the beginning telling how you got there and it also makes it more open in storytelling, if you wanted to add that in because you don't have to stay true to past events. I also just like the general gameplay I like the old RE playstyle I hate the newer RE games they are pretty much garbage in my opinion except 4 because it held on to some of that oldschool RE charm.

One thing about the gameplay of the old RE games is its very easy to get turned around with the camera changes but what can you do that is a flaw of that camera style. It's nice to have more than one person in the game and on top of that it was coop which is always nice. I also like how sometimes the placement and availability of items would change on higher difficulties that adds a nice mix to the game. On top of all that I like the points incentive to unlock all the stuff in the shop. It is nice to be able to actually work toward getting stuff even if its just a new look but there is a huge number of characters and alternate costumes as well as game modes and cheats. 

There were some flaws with it the levels in the 2nd game were pretty bland I enjoyed the ones in the first game a lot more, the game was largely unchanged save the big improvements to the mechanics and online portion which sadly I did not get to play. Probably my biggest complaint is the item management. I get why you only have 4 slots or 8 with Yoko, it's to stress coop play but I think you could accomplish the same thing with having key items go into a separate screen. That would free up all four slots for other  misc items as well as weapons and recovery items that is not to say items like the vinyl tape or the syringe with the plant killer would be in these key slots. Just keys and the emblem like items. The concept of an open coop horror game is really what hooked me. I could just play any level in the game and then either save or beat it and that was it I wasn't in the middle of some big story.

If I was getting tired of it I could just switch to another map. I highly doubt they will make a 3rd game because I don't think there is a high demand for it and the last coop friendly venture they tried, ORC, was pretty lame. I think in any horror setting, whether it be zombies, supernatural or *gasp* Lovecraft inspired, a coop base and good replay value would go a long way. Take all the cool puzzle stuff that the RE games and Outbreaks did where you have to figure out how to progress, have solid coop play along with a good amount of boss fights and cool encounters, have a handful of levels say around 7 and then add in the shop system and lots of incentive to go back through the game and hone your skill and speed and you have a very fun coop game. Another good example is Castlevania HD, in a way. The game encourages you to go back through each level on hard to grind for the rarest drops it also offers a good amount of strategies and teamwork. Now add in lots of puzzle solving and you have a fun game. 

I haven't really found any really great coop games like this sure you got Borderlands and the LEGO games but no open, no strings attached stuff with a good drive to its gameplay. I enjoyed RE Outbreak 1 a lot I rented that ages ago and played it online it was a lot of fun and I actually liked the no chat thing since that kind of added to the whole atmosphere. There is just a good mechanic to a game when you got a horror game and you split up from your teammates and then you can get into a very tough situation and they have no idea or you finally reunite with your teammate only to find the Tyrant is kicking their ass and you are not prepared at all.

I honestly haven't played a game with a great, convincing atmosphere since Amnesia and that stands right up there with Call of Cthulhu and Eternal Darkness as one of my favorite horror games. There just isn't really any coop horror games out there and the recent ones, RE 6, Dead Space 3 aren't even scary and they are 100% about action, no atmosphere, strategy or puzzle solving and that is a little sad given how awesome you could make a game with such a simple concept.