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Survival Horror

Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

Can you Kinect to Horror?

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  • I've had my eye on Rise of Nightmares for a while now, and from what I've seen, it looks pretty nice. I realize I'm probably the only kinect gamer here, but I want to know what you guys think of this new full body motion control horror title. It could really be awesome if done right. Since most of you guys probably haven't played or experience Kinect let me try to sum it up.

    It has pretty accurate full body movement that can work in the dark or in most lighting. It can tell pretty minor gestures but can not read the FINGERS... It also has fantastic depth perception. Playing with it on games like Kinect Sports your character will spaz out if your arms go behind your back.


    Tell me what you guys think of this one...



  • I think it looks cool. BUT I'm pretty much over it concerning motion controls. And I blame that on the Wii. Don't get me wrong, Move and Kinect (I've dabbled with both) are far superior to the Wii it's just that...I dunno...it's not gimmicky to me. I just don't like having to be forced to use that control scheme. So far Sony at least give you the option to use the analog controller for most Move enabled games. Again it looks cool and I know the point of this game is to give the hardcore gamers of different genres a reason to jump on board with Kinect. But if I HAVE to use Kinect to play it...I'm gonna have to find out how the game is through you :)

  • Good point. I haven't really played my Kinect recently. I mean it's great and all for partys of people who are incappable of playing other games or in large groups, but it's not like I'm going to choose to walk in place for 1 hour straight unless it really adds to the game.

  • The problem with Kinect is the inability to control where your character moves. At least with the Wii and the Move you've got the actual controller that lets you make more precise movements. If they're doing survival horror on Kinect, it's going to be an on-rails, jump-scare game.


  • Exactly. It would really have to be one hell of a game for me to want to hop around like an ape (if any apes were offended by that comment, the management apologizes). 99.9% of the games I play are single player ie horror survival. Jumping around swinging my arms and punching the air for more than 5 minutes by myself and are start to feel like a dill hole. Not that doing that in front of a group of people makes me feel any less so. It's might be something I have to warm up to (motion controls). Maybe this will be the game to do it. After I read your review.

  • Actually in this game it's full movement in first person, forward, back , strafe, crouch, jump, sprint, turning. This is not an on the rails brawler.

  • That might actually be worse... Not sure.


  • Hmmm...that's a lot of moving...how much room do you need for that? Sounds like I'd need a bigger boat...um living room.

  • I you live on a boat, you have the most awesome living arrangement ever. EVER.


  • It doesn't require too much room as far as I know. You turn your shoulders to turn. You put one foot forward to move forward. You put one foot back to go back. You do the hokey-pokey and you turn... wait a second. Anyways you also I assume crouch to crouch, and slash rapidly to slash, punch to punch, etc. You can also do on screen commands like shoving back zombies by doing what it tells you.

    I'm still skeptical of how much this all works.

  • I think I'm most concerned about how hard it is to pause.... (game scenario) *phone rings* oh, I'll get it. Monster pops out of nowhere "Oh Come ON!!! PAUSE" (half way done opening up pause menu) Monster rapidly bludgeoning you to death. You die. Pause menu pulls up.

  • I never even thought about that.

  • I guess it's time to weigh in on this myself. You know we're bro's Daniel, so please don't take offense when I say this.

    I would rather stick hot needles in my eyes than play a Survival Horror game on Kinect. If you're looking forward to it though more power to ya brother. People would make the claim that it can make you feel like you're in the game. I wholeheartedly disagree.

    Survival Horror games whether they be the psychological kind(SH2) or the Gothic action type(RE4) all have one thing in common, and that's atmosphere. To me it's one of the most important things in a game, especially in a Survival Horror title. I just don't think I can get that immersion any other way but a standard controller. Something tangible.

  • I don't know Aaron, maybe wildly flailing your arms is just the spark that the survival horror genre needs!


  • To get back to Aarons point: I see where your coming from there. I'm not sold on the idea yet, in fact, I don't think I'll get the game (Skyrim is first on my game budget) but if it's the atmosphere that is the problem, I don't entirely see why Kinect is incappable of capturing the horror.

    There is no doubt that this game won't be the same as horror classics, but that's not to say that the game wouldn't be scary... Still, from what I can tell, this game looks more brawlerish than anything. I would like to see an adventure style horror game for kinect where there was little to no fighting. That would be scary.

    I think you have the same fear that many gamers have with Kinect: you can not play a fast-paced intense game without a controller. That is actually a legitmate concern, partly because there is yet to be a game that has that element to it.

    The main interest to me in Rise of Nightmare is not the game itself, but what it could start if it does it right.

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