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Survival Horror

Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

Designing a Survival Horror Game: Project: "Deceased"

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  • It's fun to design games, but I feel like there's a lot of Survival Horror elements that have been scraped off or something so, I came up with this:

    Story: A California resident, Mark Wayne, had a horrible car accident, where he, his wife and daughter, suffered minor cuts and bruises. They lost consciousness in the accident and then an ambulance came and took them to a Hospital. As Mark wakes up, he finds himself in an abandoned Hospital in the middle of nowhere, with blood and some corpses around the halls. He then searches for his family in this "abandoned" Hospital, surviving and finding out what that hospital is... A testing ground. Lab facilities, woods, lakes, just about everything to find his family, and to figure out why he was taken there, and to see who's behind all this.

    Atmosphere: Most of the time will be in the night. 

    Weapons: There will be some guns with scarce ammo, some knives, scalpels, bats, etc. Note: Enemies will not drop ammo.

    Camera Model: Possibly 3rd Person a la Resident Evil 4.

    Health System: It won't be in bars, but rather like this:

    If your character is scared, his heart will start beating faster & you'll hear the beat somewhat loud. Heart Rate is health and status will say if you're scared, adrenaline rush, poisoned, etc.

    Actions: He can move forward, backward, turn, aim, attack (Swing if any object like tubes and bats, shoot if gun, stab if knife or close range taser), run, jump, defend, heal, switch weapons (D Pad Shorcuts). Note: Needs more actions. PS: Some other actions will work with the Action Button, such as Investigate, climb, etc.

    Enemies: Human Experiments (they will somewhat feel like Zombies, just more aggressive and unreasonable), experimental animals (such as Dogs, wolves, crows, bears. More to analyse & add), Mad Doctors, mutated experiments, security guards, and so others.

    Healing Items: First Aid, Medicine, Painkillers, Anesthetics, Deep Wound Kit (for open wounds), and some...

    More to add later.


    So far, what do you guys think? Add more elements? Change story slightly? 

    There will be enemies that will not die. But they can simply stay down for a few seconds.

  • Hmmm Interesting ideas and some seem to touch on familiar concepts found across the genre.

    I would maybe consider less focus on combat, still have it but perhaps have a fatigue/health condition system?  Where you need to choose when best to fight or flee/hide.  That would add that you have a fragile sense of safety and gives the sense that you are indeed an ordinary person.

    With the health condition, maybe have something where he was being experimented on but it wasn't completed/interrupted and being around certain enemies/chemicals/area has an adverse affect on you.  Giving urgency to where you go or how much exposure you are in.  Just trying to throw some ideas out there :3

    With the way the story and premise is, I kinda get the vibe of having lots of exploration, science notes/books to read and general usage of tools/items in the environment.  

  • I am working on a fatigue system, but I can't make it like like Dragon's Dogma's Fatigue system. That would totally suck. Yes, to get tired is a must, but not too tired, unless you really overdo it. I was also considering the "Hide" element like Clock Tower, which should make the game sort of interesting.

    He was experimented on. For a reason, he was in the Testing Ground in the Hospital. Not constantly, but he will need to be careful as there are chemicals spilled around that does damage him. There are radiated places where you have got to be careful too.

    And yes, there will be a lot of exploration, which means more enemies, more notes, and longer gameplay. Tools and items in the enviroment was one of the elements I learned from older RE games, as well SH and such.

  • Now that I could get my hands on the Unreal Engine, I can work this better lol

  • I am starting to figure that a Survival Horror game in the U3 Engine was not a bad choice. I can add more details and more gore,attacks, different movements, etc.

    Sadly, designing is one thing. I think I might need help on this one. Since I can design,and with the U3, I might need help with some programming and so on.

  • I wouldn't go off of RE4 love the game but that style is so dead I hate stopping to shoot or attack I would go for something like SIlent Hill or the original RE games but just tweak the camera a bit maybe make it so there isnt that stationary camera like in RE 1-3 but something in between. Also dont know if anyone ever played Obscure but its very underrated, kinda lame but a fun game guess it was coop too. They had some cool stuff like making weapons and taping flashlights to guns and player abilities, kind of a tighter version of RE Outbreak, something to take notes off of.

    You too will come to understand fear, as I have. - Pious Augustus

  • Obscure...was that the game set in the high school?

  • @Deckard- Yeah it was. Very cheesy but I enjoyed it. I would love a game with features of that and the RE Outbreak games thrown together and have a style like RE where it has different scenarios that don't necessarily connect. Think I got it because I seen a small poster on the glass in a Gamers a long time ago right next to the Suffering 2 poster

    You too will come to understand fear, as I have. - Pious Augustus

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