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Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

Silent Hill HD Impressions

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  • @Brother: Mary's (original) voice makes me want to cry every time I hear her lol. It just has that perfect wounded lilt to it. Oh video games as a form of self abuse. LOVE IT!!

  • Patch is the new Re-boot. Ugh...

  • deckard:

    @Brother: Mary's (original) voice makes me want to cry every time I hear her lol. It just has that perfect wounded lilt to it. Oh video games as a form of self abuse. LOVE IT!!

    Like I've said before, the first time I received the "In Water" ending(on my first playthrough no less)It was the first and ONLY time I have ever shed tears for a video game. When Mary read the letter and her voice cracked in certain places, that was all she wrote for me man.

  • @BB - By the way B, what's your favorite ending in SH2?

  • As far as problems... I've only played SH2 on PS3 so far. I've heard the 360 has way fewer probs... funny when it was originally planned as a PS3 exclusive.

    Dropped framerate constantly. I have a slim PS3 just to narrow down the variables... but in all outdoor areas James runs in slow motion almost. In attack stance, after pressing attack, it takes at least a second and a half for him to swing. While indoors, he responds immediately. The framerate fluctuates all the time too. It'll go 60fps.. chug... slowmo...60fps...slowmo... and it interrups the run animation sometimes too. If you guys ever experience it like this... it is very unplayable. The menu takes a while to fade in and out, and while it fades back into game, it leaves you vulnerable to attack, and this same fade lag blocks out almost the entire first shot of pyramid heads "rape" scene. I have seen many of the new hd textures "seams" like on a building wall... lazy texturing. The streets and sidewalks have new textures that are very clean and simple, not grimey like the originals. The volumatric fog in game has been pulled back very far, to where you can see a "hard line" of fog in the distance, that rotates with your view. In the scene where you meet Maria, the fog is pulled back SO FAR that you can see the end of the world model and boat ropes ending in mid air. Several audio glitches, such as changed music in a few scenes with new voices, missing horns while you descend the stairs under historical society, heavy breathing etc. Also ai glitches. It seems the cockroaches will snap or skip a few feet to attack you when you approach them. Im sure other people and myself will keep cathing many more as time goes on.

    I contacted Tomm Hulett on his blog and he was aware of the problems before release, knows about them, and is apparently trying to do something about it. We will see how far Konami lets the fixes progress though.

    As a long time fan, I notice all these nuances of the game that don't feel right when compared to the originals. With all the technical problems AND artistic changes... these ARE NOT faithful remasterings as intended.

  • That's a bummer. Like I said, I hope they put out a fix to address every problem people are encountering.

  • Ending... sorry my rant blinded me to other posts haha..

    As far as feel good stuff goes... leave is nice... but not my fav

    My personal fav is Rebirth and I'll explain why..

    I believe that James is so full of regret and sorrow that he is desperate to right his wrongs, and basically uses evil to try to defeat evil if that makes sense. To me it incorporates well into the series.. using the classic objects we know are used by Walter to perform the 21 sacraments/holy assumption... to also try to bring someone back to life... Also in 4, Henry mentions Sunderland (superintedant) and how his son and wife went missing a while back... I can just picture James rowing Mary's body to that island and who knows what happened to them out there...

  • Here are some pretty big updates. News of the HD collection sucking has been spreading like wildfire, and is now being picked up by bigger sites. Check it out...



    That latest article is very good in a way, because it involves reaction from Masahiro Ito! The art director of the first three games! Amazing artist!

  • Here is a recap of SOME of the glitches present in the games. There are many more, and other forms such as audio/gameplay/ai...

    Notice washed out colors, simplified textures, and new perspective of the lake and town. The new horizon is very flat now too...

    Notice the simple new textures for roads and sidewalks, and the volumetric fog pulled back so far as to show the hard fog line.

    If this is working... notice how there is no longer Depth of Field 

    They also took out self shadowing cast by his hat in this scene.

    This is bad. Notice the fog missing to the point of the world model ending. Floating ropes... etc.

    This is the water for the boat ride section. Embarrassing. 

    Lastly this appears to be the creature you encounter and must defeat with words. This whole collection is just a part of the travesty. I'm ashamed of Konami for releasing this mess.

  • Does anybOdy know if that side quest is included?

  • Yes sir it is. It's right on the main menu and you can choose to play the man scenario or the maria: born from a wish scenario. though you can play both I recommend playing the maria game after you beat the main game. It'll make more sense overall.

  • @Blug, that's weird, my friends who've played it says it looks fine. :/ do you think maybe these users are having trouble with their systems or messed up copies?

  • I just hope that if this collection is some peoples' first exposures to these games, that it won't ruin their opinions of them. Buggy versions =/= classic originals.

  • And I got a bad copy on my 360. Dang :/

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