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Survival Horror

Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

Projects I'm working on: "Shed of Horrors"

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  • Hi all! Seems to be like a long time since I posted a topic here. But since there is no such information about horror games lately, I might as well post something interesting while I have the time. Because after right now, I won't be free until further notice.


    I'm starting to get the hang of the videogame industry, where I already have connected with various developers and designers. And also thanks to Full Sail, I also managed to learn a few other things that I didn't know about. And while I do have some privileges on working with a few people, I also have the privilege to access certain sites full of resources. But enough of that. To the games!


    Shed of Horrors:


    Shed of Horrors will be a 2D Horror Puzzle game. The inspiration came to me after playing games like The Witch's House and Mad Father. While the original release date was scheduled for July 10, the group and I had some issues with several things in the game. After many weeks of testing, we decided to pull back to redo several things and put it back into development.



    Shed of Horrors is a 2D Puzzle Survival Horror game made in RPG Maker VX Ace (said that already). Story revolves around a guy named John, no last name is given. He arrives one day to his house early from work to surprise his family and take them out to a nice family dinner. Instead of surprising his family, he's the one that got a surprise. He finds his wife with another man in bed. After his rage kicking in, throwing the guy out and demanding an answer, he loses it and attacks his wife out of blind anger. So blind, he hits his 2 kids as hard as he can. Coming back to reality, he goes out for a walk to get some moments of peace.

    He assumes his wife will call the cops on him for a violent behavior and domestic violence, but he gets attacked when he's walking through a forest that's besides their house. He gets lost, trapped in the forest and must find a way back. Only that... many don't expect the surprises that awaits John and the player. Stories will be told, riddles will be a player's worst nightmare and the outcome will probably touch emotional players. 






    -Will it be available on Steam? No, I will provide a link where you can download it.

    -Why not console? Don't have the money to even do that.

    -Do I plan to censor the game? Pirates don't CENSOR anything for anyone. We go as we like. Don't like it? Too bad, go play another game. We have a vision. We don't plan to change our vision.


    I'm working on more information to post about Shed of Horrors as we speak, as well as a sneak peak of another project I'm working on in 3D. Here's a photo plus a video:





    These games fall into the survival horror, horror and suspense games. Another game I'm working on, Lunar Trace, is not relevant at the moment but will talk about that one sometime soon.

  • Awesome! Keep us up to date!  I would love to try it out sometime, as I happen to love RPG Maker Horror games. Recently I played Ib and the Witch's House. Both fantastic, and I would highly recommend them!

  • @Mike, that looks really intriguing! I've been off of SHG far too long (so long you probably don't know or remember who I am), so it's quite encouraging to come back and see something as awesome as this. I wish your projects all the best, and if they ever end up being for sale, I would be honored to purchase an original game created by a SHG member. That is just too legitimate.

    Keep up the good work! o(^_-)b

  • I've been waiting for you to pop in. Can't wait to hear more about Lunar Trace.

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  • Let's see if I can post more today. I'm trying to finish a Full Sail assignment as well as read up in Videogame History.

    The next post will be regarding to Shed of Horrors

  • Sorry that I haven't updated anything about the game lately. Have been studying hard lately, participating in developer events and such to stay connected while maintaining a high GPA and grades after last month's decline and low grades. I'll update as soon as I get my Toshiba back.

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