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For all you needs on sonic the hedgehog from new games, transformations, and shows. This is the place for all sonic fans.

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  • Forum Post: Dissappointed With Sega?

    Well guys, we all know it will be coming. Sonic Lost World (Weird title. They should've went with Sonic 5) is coming out late this year. They had to annouce it now? I don't think thats enough development time for Sonic Team at all!! And it's coming to Wii U, and 3DS only. REALLY?! EXCLUSIVE...
  • Forum Post: Celebrating Sonic Stadiums 12th Birthday.

    Guys I found out on Sonic Stadium, that the site is celebrating its 12th birthday. Lets all say happy birthday to SonicStadium.
  • Forum Post: 21 years of Sonic The Hedgehog

    Guys. Today is Sonics 21st anniversary. Its been 21 years since Sonic came on the Genesis, and now it's time to celebrate Sonics 21 year long lasting career of making awesome Sonic games. Happy birthday Sonic!!!! Woooooooooooooo!!! If anyone else wants to say some birthday wishes to Sonic, please...
  • Forum Post: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Pre-Order bonuses.

    Hey guys this is Matt The Hedgehog here. Today I'm gonna discuss which Sega character should be a Pre-order bonus. A few characters I suggest for All-Stars Racing Transformed would be Bayonetta, and Blaze. What other Sega characters should be a Pre-Order bonus? Y'all can tell me on your replies...
  • Forum Post: A Giant Number Of Members

    You know what I'm thinking about guys?? Not only do we need to change the pic for our group avatar, but we need more members in this group!! Current members of the Sonic group, this group must be big. So, if you're friends with someone you know who's a Sonic fan, help encourage them to join...
  • Forum Post: Imagining What The Music In Sonic Genereations Sounds Like With Lyrics.

  • Forum Post: Would all the other Sonic Characters get redesigned by Sega?

    We all know that Sega said they are redesigning Sonic's looks again, but I have to wonder. Is Sega redesigning other characters from the Sonic Franchise? Will Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Shadow, Team Chaotix, Eggman, and Metal Sonic be redesigned?!?! THE QUESTIONS ARE KILLING ME!! Let me know what you think...
  • Forum Post: Crazy Glitches And Hacks/Mods Caught In Sonic Generations Videos.

    Wassup everybody? How's Sonic Generations going? Awesome game? You can let me know. Oh! Did any of you know this? There has been some hackers hacking the game, along with modifiers modifying the game as also. Check out these Sonic Generations videos and you'll see what i'm talking about....
  • Forum Post: Sonic Group Replay: Sonic Heroes

    Hello Sonic fans! This is just like the GIO replay, but it's choosing which amazing Sonic to play in the past. This is the 1st Sonic Group Replay. Now today, we are going to start off with Sonic Heroes. This game came out in 2003 and it's still selling succesfully (Even though there's no...
  • Forum Post: Are You Wishing That Sonic Will Have More Games On Vita Than Old-School PSP?

    As we all experienced Sonic's PSP debut 6 years ago (It's 2012, it just feels like 6), Sonic Rivals was an awesome game on PSP which makes a reason i have a PSP. But unfortunetly, Sonic only had 2 titles. Sonic Rivals, and Sonic Rivals 2. This dosen't involve the Sega Genesis Collection ...
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