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For all you needs on sonic the hedgehog from new games, transformations, and shows. This is the place for all sonic fans.

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  • Forum Post: A Giant Number Of Members

    You know what I'm thinking about guys?? Not only do we need to change the pic for our group avatar, but we need more members in this group!! Current members of the Sonic group, this group must be big. So, if you're friends with someone you know who's a Sonic fan, help encourage them to join...
  • Forum Post: Sonic Group Replay: Sonic Heroes

    Hello Sonic fans! This is just like the GIO replay, but it's choosing which amazing Sonic to play in the past. This is the 1st Sonic Group Replay. Now today, we are going to start off with Sonic Heroes. This game came out in 2003 and it's still selling succesfully (Even though there's no...
  • Forum Post: Heres My Big Sonic News

    What's up Sonic fans? How's everything going? Here's what my Sonic news is going to be based on, New design for Sonic, Logo for Sonic 4 Episode 2, And Sonic Adventure 3. Could this be Sonic's new design? Sega said they are going in a new direction with the Sonic series creating a new...
  • Forum Post: Are You Wishing That Sonic Will Have More Games On Vita Than Old-School PSP?

    As we all experienced Sonic's PSP debut 6 years ago (It's 2012, it just feels like 6), Sonic Rivals was an awesome game on PSP which makes a reason i have a PSP. But unfortunetly, Sonic only had 2 titles. Sonic Rivals, and Sonic Rivals 2. This dosen't involve the Sega Genesis Collection ...
  • Forum Post: Whats your favorite sonic super form

    mines would have to be darkspine and the orginal just cause of the sheer power both had. if you need a list of forms ill post them.
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