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Sonic The Hedgehog

For all you needs on sonic the hedgehog from new games, transformations, and shows. This is the place for all sonic fans.

Heres My Big Sonic News

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  • What's up Sonic fans? How's everything going? Here's what my Sonic news is going to be based on, New design for Sonic, Logo for Sonic 4 Episode 2, And Sonic Adventure 3.


    Could this be Sonic's new design? Sega said they are going in a new direction with the Sonic series creating a new standard Modern Sonic design. I think this might be the redesign Sega is talking about. Oh and BTW, I got this pic from Google just to let you all know.


    Moving on. Sega has released pictures of Sonic 4 Episode 2, it's based on the offical logo and conept art. Check out the epic pictures below.



    This is just like the Sonic 2 logo for the Sega Genesis. Beatiful memories isn't it?

    Time to check out this current concept art from Sega.


    Is that a walrus?



    This looks like a roboticized hermit crab! Curse you Eggman!


    Now it's time to reveal these fan made ideas for Sonic Adventure 3

    Who's ready to see some concept art for Sonic Adventure 3?! EVERYONE??? All right!









    Thats al here. Do you think Sonic Adventure 3 is already in developement and that Sega is keeping this a seceret? If Sega isreally keeping project Sonic Adventure 3 a seceret, this will rank the best secrets ever known in the gaming industry.


    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!



  • Haha some of those are nice fan art for sonic adventure 3. im sure they are considering it.

    I'm a Legendary GI member.

  • I miss the dreamcast :( I remember instead of blasting through the levels like I do now, I used to spend about 10 minutes on each stage, searching for all of the secrets. If they were to make SA3, I would definitely want less focus on speed, more on platforming and exploration! And rumors about Sonic Dimensions is sounding a lot like the adventure games which could be huge!

  • Yea i still have my dreamcast with me

    I'm a Legendary GI member.

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