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Sonic The Hedgehog

For all you needs on sonic the hedgehog from new games, transformations, and shows. This is the place for all sonic fans.

sonic quiz

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  • DO U THINK U R A TRUE SONIC FAN? Find out by doing the sonic quiz.ill write the questions below and write the answers by giving me a conversation 1.sonics favorite food 2.who likes sonic 3.sonic enemy/friends 4.sonic friends (2 friends)
  • chili dogs,amy and elise and the genie from sonic and the secret rings, blaze i mean depending on how deep you want to go. worse enemy is metal sonic in all his forms, eggman. eggman naga are a few of the mains and best friends are tails and knuckles and then the others come down the line.

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  • whoa dude i should of put more tough questions

  • Well Sonic's favorite food is Chili dogs. Sally and Amy. There's Tails,Knuckles,Cream,Blaze,Chaotix, and Marine.

    There's Eggman, Eggman Nega, Chaos, Tails Doll, Metal Sonic, Shadow,Mecha Sonic, and Erazo Jinn.

    Friends Sally, and Antione.

    I really love SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S AWESOME!!! :)

    That's my answers.


    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!



  • Mind if I put a few questions of my own on here?

    #1. How many Television animations has Sonic had?

    #2. What was the first game Sonic had a voice actor?

    #3. What was the name of Sonic's first English voice actor?

    #4. How many Chaos Emeralds were there originally?

    #5. What is the name of Amy's hammer?

    #6. What was the name of the canceled first fully 3D Sonic game?

    #7. What was the first 3D Sonic game that Dr. Eggman did not appear?

    #8. In what game was the spin dash first introduced?

    #9. What are the names of the characters that appear on a missing persons poster in Sonic Generations? (bonus points if you can name what game the characters appeared in)

    #10. What is Dr. Eggman's real name?

    Bonus question!: What was Sonic's first cameo appearance?


    Now you're playing with power!

  • 1. Sonic the hedgehog, adventures of sonic the hedgehog, sonic underground, sonic ova, the werehog cg movie, christmas special

    2.sonic cd has him yip yea. sonic adventure id have to say

    3. tv show wise or game wise

    4. 6. but later become 7 in homage to dbz and later 14 counting the super emeralds

    5. pico pico hammer. its actually a toy of such in japan

    6. sonic xtreme

    7. hmm i must admit either im not thinking but i cant think of one i know he hasnt been in each but 3d wise i cant think of it

    8. 2

    9. sonic choatix with mighty and ray but ray was not orginally in choatix

    10. Dr ivo robotnik but his name is eggman

    11. in game or tv wise or comic wise. hes been in many in each

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  • 1. all the hedgehogs

    2. grounder, psuedo sonic, tails, roxxy

    3. 6

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  • Meta WHO ARE YOU?!?!?  You know everything!!!..  of value at least  :P  Sonic stuff, anime and manga (no matter how remote), he's group moderator....  And Meta has that knack of talking (or writing I guess) very little, but embedding much knowledge in what little he writes....  he's like a wise GIO guru.... who is this guy!?!?  I don't know whether to be in awe or fear.... you won't misuse your powers and kill us all with one thought will you???  lol

  • Also, I can't believe Urkel was a voice actor in Sonic Underground.....  funny  "Did I do that??"

  • @Meta I'll count the #1 as being correct as I don't want to nitpick and fault you for failing to mention the short "Man of the Year" that was included in Sonic Jam.

    #2 I'll count as correct as Sonic CD would be the first Sonic game that most American gamers knew had voice clips, though the first is SegaSonic the Hedgehog which was a arcade game.

    #3 Jaleel White was the first English voice actor to portray Sonic.

    #4 Correct, though the increase in number is also attributed to game mechanics.

    #5 & #6 Correct  

    #7 Sonic and the Black Knight

    #8 Correct

    #9 Correct, though they first appeared in SegaSonic the Hedgehog

    #10 Correct

    #11 I'll re-word the the question: What was Sonic's first ever cameo appearance in any media?

    I applaud you for your knowledge, here I tried to come up with at least a few tough one and you made it look easy hahaha.

    @Neku He really does have a knack for writing, I can tell.


    Now you're playing with power!

  • I just get sick of people like tim bashing on sonic all the time.

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  • Chili dogs, Amy Rose, Eggman (Robotnik), Tails Knuckles And Cream The Rabbit. DONE!

  • Also it would mean a lot if you sonic fans would go to my recent to blogs and read and rate them. a lot of sonic haters have been rating them low :./

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  • Me too man!!


    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!



  • What people rate yours low to :o

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