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Your top 3 favorite monsters

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  • Because what would be a monster Hunter game without monsters? There's been plenty of monsters in the series but which one is your favorite? Whether you like the monster's armor, it's weapons, how difficult it was to kill, or simply because it looks badass, everyone likes a monster.

    Although Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the newest Monster Hunter, this isn't restricted to just that game, just make sure you specify where the monster you like is from or last seen.

  • Oh man I like a lot. Agnaktor is my favorite because he's just so crazy and awesome! Plesioth because his armor is pretty cool,and I think people think he is a little harder than he actually is. And Zingore because well he's just a badass.

    On the flip side I hate Gigginox because he's stupid, Nibelsnarf because he looks stupid and takes so much damage, and Brachydios because I've only ever beat him once and he's a pain when your a gunner due to his quickness, and area explosive attacks.

  • Hey guys a little off track but if you ever see me online don't hesitate to send me a message to hunt! That goes to everyone and anyone on GI!

    So my favorite monsters in the Monster Hunter series? Well I would have to say black Diablos is on my top 3, I'm currently fully decked out in all black diablos gear and I think his fight is one of the most exciting and man does his gear look cool. For the other 2 I will have to say Kushala Doara from the PSP version. Fighting a steel dragon was pretty bad ass, the fight was exciting, he was hard and his design was imo almost flawless. The last but not least would have to be the flagship Rathalos/Rathian family, without these monsters the game would not be the same, they are the epitome of wyvern and make for exciting battles and some pretty amazing equipment and have been around throughout the entire franchise. Honorable mention to Zinogre and the Fatalis family as well as the monster hunter original Cephadrome, he should have stayed.

    My least favorite monsters go to the Bulfango for obvious reasons, the nibelsnarf because he is ridiculous and could have been replaced with something better, and lastly the Barroth, I dunno what it is about this guy but I hate his constant charging, covering himself and me in mud and the fact that all of his weapons suck and his armor isn't very appealing either.

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