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Want to discuss women in games besides how "hot" they are? Instead of focusing on female assets, we'll be discussing how much females can kick ass and save the day! Whoever you like, let's talk about the positive female heroines in games!

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  • Forum Post: Re: Femme Fails

    NP, Nikolas. Figured I may as well sound off on the Miranda issue. I was somewhat disinterested in her myself. I think the fact that she was a member of Cerberus, who I never really trusted, and how I lost her loyalty before the suicide mission, contributed to that. She seemed cold. Her loyalty mission...
  • Forum Post: Re: The Blemishes Make the Whole

    @Nikolas: I loved seeing Leliana and other BioWare females on your list. How do they write such amazing characters?! It's kind of weird -- I remember Leliana being such a wonderful, loving character in my DA game, it's easy to forget her horrible past. I so need to replay DA some day.
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