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Want to discuss women in games besides how "hot" they are? Instead of focusing on female assets, we'll be discussing how much females can kick ass and save the day! Whoever you like, let's talk about the positive female heroines in games!

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  • Forum Post: Re: Femme Fails

    Ah, I was wondering if we'd make a thread like this. I agree with SHurvivor about the Tekken girls. It's weird -- a big appeal to me for fighting games is a diversity of casts, and characters like Chun-Li and Sonya Blade helped me get into fighting games. But Tekken is probably the only fighter...
  • Forum Post: Re: Femme Fails

    Hmm I couldn't think of a specific character (at this moment), but as for series, I'd rank Duke Nukem and GTA pretty low for negatively portraying women. I haven't played these games, so correct me if I'm wrong. From what I've seen, in the DN series, women are either just used for...
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