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Want to discuss women in games besides how "hot" they are? Instead of focusing on female assets, we'll be discussing how much females can kick ass and save the day! Whoever you like, let's talk about the positive female heroines in games!

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  • Forum Post: Re: Who Wears the Pants in Your Game?

    I kind of agree about Alistair and Anders. There's just something about Alistair, although Anders kind of looks like him. Anders is a much more serious and bleak character. I still romanced Anders, though... and I kept him until the end of the game.
  • Forum Post: Re: Perfect 10

    Ok I finally have my laptop charged and working so here's my top 10. Hope I'm not forgetting anyone... 1.) Elena Fisher (Uncharted) She’s smart, she has a heart of gold, and she’s very resourceful. Plus, I thought it was pretty cool that she speaks Tibetan and Arabic. I’m more like her personally...
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