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Want to discuss women in games besides how "hot" they are? Instead of focusing on female assets, we'll be discussing how much females can kick ass and save the day! Whoever you like, let's talk about the positive female heroines in games!

Tomb Raider Review

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  • It does kind of look like Uncharted in space. I think it looks pretty neat from what I've seen, but I'm a Star Wars fan so I might be biased. We do need a good Star Wars game and this could be it.

  • Star Wars 1313 looks good.  I haven't actually seen videos of it, but I've read a few things about it, and it looks like it will be VERY good.

  • The problem I have with all the spin off's of Star Wars is that it diminishes, waters down and thus negates the purpose of what a film does: tell a self contained story. That's what a movie is supposed to do. The prequels are some of the worst film writing this side of...well just some of the worst. But I nor should anyone have to be forced to watch a Clone Wars cartoon, read a comic or read a book to find out the "true" motivation of characters and plot that simply do not get explained or make a very poor attempt to be explained in the the prequel movies. From a writers stand point and someone who took the screen writing courses, Lucas ham-stringed a lot of film viewers (not simply fans) by sending them down a very narrow channel into the ever grinding marketing corridors of spin off land. And that is unfair and just bad writing. *looks around* boy Ace is hovering somewhere in the background here....I can feel it.  

  • Well, you're entitled to your own opinion.  It's as I said, you don't HAVE to watch anything other than the Original Trilogy.  Last time I checked, no one was making you do so.  

    As far as the other parts of the Star Wars Universe, I like it.  I never understood all the Prequel Trilogy hate.  One reason I can think of is this:  People put the Original Trilogy on a pedestal.  Not that it doesn't deserve it, but when you do that, you are CONSTANTLY comparing things to it.  So, yeah, it's no wonder that the Prequel Trilogy got bashed.  I personally think that if people stopped comparing the Prequel Trilogy to the Original, people would have enjoyed it a bit more.  That's just my take on it.  As I said before, you're entitled to your own opinion about it.

  • Azure, I'm not going to even comment on what you said about Mass Effect, its pointless, so let's get right to the point.  I have watched the Clone Wars series and I love it.  The Darth Maul Returns movie was particularly good.  But it ties into what I don't like about Star Wars. (and by the way, I'm not a Star Wars fan, so I'm totally clinical about this)  There have been so many prequels and 'mid-quels' for so long that it has become a mess to tie into a proper, consistent fiction, perhaps out of fear of touching Lucas' 'sacred' work and do a proper sequel like they finally are now.  Why do you think BioWare's MMO takes place millenia in the past? Because the players' choices as Jedi won't matter to the rest of the fiction.  With the Clone Wars, we know what's going to happen in the end, so all these years of an excellent show is just delaying the sour inevitable of the Jedi dying and all that work being put to ruin.  And it really feels bad because its literally years of build up with the tug-of-war that is the war, so to know that it all means nothing sort of raises the question in me of; why is this even going on?  

    It does a stupidly good job of making characters like Ahsoka lovable, and I personally want to see more of Ventress with how her journey is going, but they're all going to die in the end.  The rigid future carved by the movies that chronologically succeed it make sure that the series finale has to be sour, so all the struggle this war puts you and these characters through it so pointless, and only hurts more because of the attachments it made.  And then there's Anakin.  The show continually shows him persevering through hell, but he's still going to be the weak fool who becomes a psychopath because he wants to 'save his love?'  It doesn't make sense, but it has to happen.  Now, I in no way think these comments will have an affect on you, that's not my intention, but this is one of the ways a non-Star Wars fanboy can see the messy story that's been made out of this series.

  • And you would be right. No one is forcing me and no one has. But it has nothing to do with putting Star Wars on a pedestal for me. That would be an assumption and that assumption is wrong. I point to bad writing. Simple and sadly very true. Some people do bash on it because they had very set ideas in mind for what they personally wanted from a Star Wars movie, much like others putting the Mass Effect games on a pedestal and being upset because what they personally wanted form the third installment didn't come to fruition. For me, the writing was poor in the prequels.

  • "*looks around* boy Ace is hovering somewhere in the background here....I can feel it."

    Yeah, we're being like naughty little children, pushing the boundaries before our mother gets home. :)

  • @I think that is the problem I had with the writing: there is no element of surprise in the prequels and nothing to look forward to story wise. Lucas wrote the prequels with the knowledge that everyone and their mother already knew how it ends. So why try? It was a ghost walk through winking and nodding to the fan's. Hey look! Anakin grew up with Greedo! The fact and yes, this is a FACT is George did not have these stories laid out and written back in 1975. Many sources point this out including Leigh Bracket and Lawrence Kasden who wrote the Empire Strikes back. And many countless interviews written and filmed with Lucas himself as far back as '79 where he outright claims this and even reveals plot points that ended up vastly different then what made it to screen (Vader was supposed to die in Empire and his brother Boba Fett was to take over as the new villain). The pedestal was Georges fault for putting himself on it and not approaching the new film installments with the same mind set he had in the beginning: tell us something new as if the wonder and magic of this series has never been told before.  

  • WOW.  That's scary for a writer.  To me it sounds like Lucas turned it into a fan fiction in-joke more than a story.  Like the aforementioned Darth Maul returns, yes its great as a standalone movie, but really why, or how, did Maul return?  Obi-Wan really dealt the killing blow back there, how could he move or even survive the blood loss to build his false legs?  Really it just feels like a fan-driven geek out; they liked Maul and thought it would be cool to bring him back.

  • I see what you are both saying, and I respect that.  I also didn't say it wasn't messy.  Because IT IS.  I'm a Star Wars fangirl and I have definitely seen how messy the Star Wars Universe is.  Even with that, I still like it.  There's still so much to explore in the Star Wars Universe and I doubt that will change for a long while.

    As far as the series goes, I think it's BECAUSE you know what's going to happen that makes it lovable.  It really makes you wonder how all the stories are going to intertwine at the end and what happens to characters like Ahsoka.  I'm not COMPLETELY convinced that Ahsoka is going to die.  It's definitely a possibility, but I wonder if she escapes Order 66 somehow.  She wouldn't be the first to do so.  I don't know, I guess we'll have to see.

    BTW, I do a Clone Wars Review every weekend in the Star Wars Group if you're interested in reading them!  :)

  • I kind of felt that way too about Darth Maul.  I think it would have been best to have left his status as "dead".  I can kind of see how he could have lived, because lightsabers seal up wounds with their heat.  Still, Darth Maul returning was a bit of a stretch, even to me...

  • I just want to say sorry for saying 'fanBOY.'  I had no idea. :)  

    Like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinions, so I'll just quickly add that knowing what will happen is what always bothers me about a story, because for me it turns into a frustrating game of 'crap, how is this going to be tied up?'  And if anyone survived Order 66, it just shows how hair brained the 'great' Empire really is.  Wouldn't you want your plan to rule the galaxy to be foolproof? :)

  • That's ok.  Yeah, you would not BELIEVE how many Jedi survived Order 66.  From what I understand (I haven't read a lot about this time period) it was pretty gradual.  Vader just hunted all the Jedi down for years and just started wiping the remnants out little by little.  I was looking around Wookiepedia one day and found something about a colony of Jedi and how Vader wiped them out a few years after the Purge when he found out about them.

  • What do we have here? I come back and find this thread going off the rails!


    Get out of here with Star Wars! :D

    Lol I'm just kidding around, you all amuse me! Darth would have especially loved to have seen this thread, but he's off on a secret mission in South America now.

    Nikolas, you would be the black sheep! :) Ha, that's probably for the best, to balance out the group. I am very pleased by the reviews, this is a great step for women in games. 



    Ps: This is what I first think of when I hear about anything Star Wars:

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  • http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/02/26/conan-o-39-brien-raids-tombs.aspx

    When am I going to be able to "raid the tombs"? Why does he get the special treatment and gets to play the game early?


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