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Heroines of Video Games Group

Want to discuss women in games besides how "hot" they are? Instead of focusing on female assets, we'll be discussing how much females can kick ass and save the day! Whoever you like, let's talk about the positive female heroines in games!


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  • This lovely post just smells of conceit. And totally crap to boot. But that's just my opinion.

    Oddly enough I read this post a mere two hours after I sold my Gears of War collection.


  • Totally crap alright!  Games with female leads don't sell?  Its not the fact that they have women as protagonists, its that those games aren't that good (like Final Fantasy XIII) or just didn't find an audience for eccentric reasons, like Beyond Good & Evil and Mirror's Edge.  Or because, you know, there aren't really that many.  Just a thought.

    Its so easy to get sarcastic with this one.  So many people play as FemShep in Mass Effect, I think I read somewhere that most do, and there are plenty of games with female leads that did well.  Heavenly Sword was quite successful, Tomb Raider is getting pre-orders just because its the next evolution of Lara Croft, Resident Evil heavily banks off of their great women, and both Assassin's Creed Liberation and Gravity Rush have done well in relation to the modest sales of the Vita.  Which is putting it lightly.  Who are the characters people are talking about the most in BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us?  Elizabeth and Ellie.  And I constantly see people ask for female leads when the "What do you want in [insert sequel here]?" posts pop up, so I really miss this guy's 'logic' here.

    And even if he was right, why should that stop you?  Only the immature 12-year olds care if they play a female or male, and if that female has big *** (this was supposed to be t-i-t-s) or not, so if you write a balanced character we'll accept her even if she doesn't have a gruff voice.  Hell, be the first to break that mould!  This sort of adds fuel to my personal belief that Judgment is more of a cash-in than a heartfelt extension of this obviously finished franchise, if they're that preoccupied with what will sell.  I sure as hell hope Epic doesn't carry this tunnel vision mentality into the next-generation, not just with female leads but everything, or the only worthwhile contribution they'll have is Unreal Engine 4.

    While I'm still very iffy about the game, I like what Jean-Maxime Moris, the Creative Director of Remember Me, said on the subject of not following the norm in an interview with the now closed PSM3 magazine: "How f*cking stupid is this industry to only bet on those stereotypes?"  Aside from his wonderful eloquence and his later extremist manner of expressing himself, his words apply to a great deal of developers, not just about women, but about everything deeper; story, emotion, character development, themes.  Its perfectly sane to make an FPS that comments on religion, racism and abusive relationships like BioShock Infinite, or Mass Effect, or Uncharted, or so many more.  I'm always the first to hop up and defend the existing 'violent' genres we have now and the great developers that work today, but its impossible to ignore that probably the majority of them need to grow with confidence.  

    And that's the wonderful key, the industry is still going through its young adulthood and is experiencing these exciting, rapid changes that are shaping its future, so as much as we can sit at our computer screens mocking someone like this Epic dude, we all know, in the back of our minds, that its only going to get better from here on.  No medium experiences a smooth development, hell, nothing in human history ever has, so its only a matter of time before these issues are no longer the plague they are today, and we can refocus on dealing with a new suite of problems.   

    [EDIT] Sorry for getting intense and off topic. :)


  • I'm thrilled you started a thread about this, deck! Perfect title too lol. I shall be coming back to this hilarious malarkey, but I just had to say I thought of this right after I read his quotes:

  • This is why I luv ya St Nik

    And in all seriousness extremely well said and nail square on the head. Believe me I wanted to unleash acid and vitriol upon that post but remembered Jill Valentine, Faith, Jade, Fem Shep (or Tempyst as mine is named) Rebecca Champers, Alex Roivous, Rayne, Lara, Heather (SH3) etc.


  • *bows* I like your FemShep's name. :)

  • I can't believe either of you didn't judge me for having Gears of Wars games in my collection. I'm almost...disappointed...

  • AH!  I've missed the ever surprising GIF barrage this group faces. :)  But that would be hypocritical of me, because I do too.  I own all three, and think they're quite enjoyable.  Not among my top favourites, and yes the story is generic, but I always liked the dialogue and found the characters fun.  And Sam and Anya are very well written women.  I'm not thrilled with the new one, for different reasons, but I'm still expecting a quality game from Epic, if not much else.

  • #reasonswhy

    I don't think anyone can follow up with Nikolas' comment, so all I can say is a cliche remark that we've all heard a thousand times... I couldn't care less if I play as a female or male. As long as the game is enjoyable and if the character is well written then I'm happy. I'd rather play as a Lightning (yes, I liked Lightning and FFXIII. Sue me!) than a Duke Nukem any day of the week!

  • When I first replied, I didn't have a chance to read anything yet, but this gif is for you deck:) 



    And I agree with J, that was a great response, Nikolas!


    Can you please mail it to Chris Perna? :)


    Seriously though, it's pretty messed up that people making games can have this kind of attitude. It's really atrocious, and I would be embarrassed to work with him. Nothing makes me more disappointed than when developers use stereotypes to create a character. A strong or believable women doesn't have to be "butch."

    I'm psyched for Lara's revamp because it shows that yes, she's going through hell, gets hurts and is vulnerable, but she endures so much and will become this survivor, and save her friends. 


  • Every time an issue like this pops up (or vomits out of some dolts mouth) I just keep having to ask myself: We landed on the moon once right? It IS 2013 right? Right?!? How much longer will it take to just move past this stupidity?

    Tomb Raider is going to own. If I'm wrong J has to buy Ace a years worth of ice cream of her choice.

  • Haha, GI has praised it, but I haven't checked out other sources yet. Ice cream sounds lovely. :D

  • Aw well. If other sites agree with GI than I guess you won't be getting that years worth from me. Just in case, how do you feel about cookie dough?


  • You know, cookie dough ice cream.

  • OH!  I thought you just meant cookie dough.  On its own.  Which would be a mix of nice and cruel.  Hmmm, that does sound like you though...

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