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GIO Welcome Group

Here to help new members of the GameInformer Online Community fit in and become active.

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  • Forum Post: Forum Game - Continue the Story

    In this game, you can let your imagination run rampant, as this story is made by everyone here. The only rule is that you can only write up to 5 sentences. And no profanity or super suggestive language in the story. Also, be sure to help people lead into something else. You could you an "All of...
  • Forum Post: Forum Game - Corrupt-A-Wish

    Rules for this are copied by Mray901, since he did a good job explaining this. This is the thread where you make a wish, and the next person must corrupt it! It's a game, see? Rules: You must corrupt the wish of the person above you. No backtracking. The point of the game is to keep moving forward...
  • Forum Post: Forum Game - This or That

    The point of this game is to choose one of the choices presented by the newest member and a quick reason why you picked that answer. If someone asked "Apple juice or orange juice?" you would choose one or the other (no choosing both or none of them). Have fun! Marvel or DC?
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