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Here to help new members of the GameInformer Online Community fit in and become active.

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  • Forum Post: 10 Questions Week 10

    As promised, this will be the last week that I will host the 10 Questions. Interest seems to be fading, and there are other things that I would like to do/get involved with. However, this is not MY feature... so if someone else wants to continue with it, by all means. To those that gave question suggestions...
  • Forum Post: 10 Questions Week 9

    It seems like the impending discontinuation of a feature is a surefire way to kickstart it again. I was satisfied with the 10 Questions, as I never thought it would make it past week 2 or 3. Seeing the turnout for week 8, I've decided to push my luck a little... so the 10 Questions will end after...
  • Forum Post: 10 Questions Week 8

    Sorry for the lateness. Busy day today, and nobody gave suggestions so it was a rough time getting 10 together. Also, interest seems to be dropping, so if there's not enough of a response to these this week, it will probably be the last one. 2 months is a good run for something I didn't expect...
  • Forum Post: 10 Questions Week 7

    Once again, Joyful Penguin made solid suggestions. Again, if you have questions you'd like to see answered, please suggest them by messaging me or posting in the Suggestion Box here in the GIOWG. Lets get to it... 1. What's a game that you 'should' like but don't? 2. What's the...
  • Forum Post: 10 Questions Week 6

    Once again, Joyful Penguin came through in a big way. Not only did he make suggestions, but ALL of this weeks questions came from him. So a huge thank you to him. Have at it! 1. What's your favorite controller? 2. What's your favorite non-gaming hobby? 3. What's your biggest pet peeve, gaming...
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