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Forum Game - Continue the Story

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  • In this game, you can let your imagination run rampant, as this story is made by everyone here. The only rule is that you can only write up to 5 sentences. And no profanity or super suggestive language in the story. Also, be sure to help people lead into something else. You could you an "All of a sudden..." or anything that could be used as a lead-in. 

    Once upon a time, the great gamer was getting ready to play some video games. All of a sudden, the gamer's consoles and handhelds spanning from the Odyssey to the Wii U created a wormhole. Out of the wormhole comes...

  • ...and he gets sucked into it. He then finds himself laying facedown in a pile of dirt. He tried to move his legs and get himself out of the dirt but he realized that he could no longer feel the rest of his body. Then out of nowhere...

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