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Weekly Question #2

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  • To everyone that took part in the inaugural Weekly Question, thank you. To those that didn't, shame on you. Remember, suggestions are welcome in the Suggestion Box thread.

    For this week, I thought I would go down the road of something involving video games. This would actually be a good blog idea as well. I'd do it myself, but I am saving Hanna with my expertise in the 31/31. So, the question is...

    If you were tasked with making a new IP for all three of the major consoles, what would it be? What genre would your game fall in? Would it depend on motion controls? What would the first level/stage/area be? 

    Remember, details are splendid and encouraged. Well, answer away!

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  • I would love to make a game set in the middle ages (always been fascinated by that time era). Have it set in a large open world (similar to The Elder Scrolls games), with a heavy focus on exploring. Except unlike TES, I would have it grounded in reality, and have the combat more brutal.

    Not necessarily Fallout violent, but more weight to the weapons. And a higher focus on difficulty.




  • My IP would probably be related to a fiction project I'm already working on, and would be fantasy, but of a different type than the usual, which I think needs to be revised somewhat.

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  • I made a platformer last year due to my sheer boredom... it turned out broken, terrible, and a complete failure. I'll let the pros stick to making the games...

    I guess though if I were to pitch an idea, it would be rather abstract and artsy since I'm particularly enjoying so many indie games.

  • I would like to create a form of strategic puzzling game. I'm not exactly sure how it'd be implemented, since the idea is absolutely barebones, but I'd like to have it be a 3-dimensional puzzler, with God/flying controls, and you can manipulate the world and objects to your manner of liking, with the correct properties assorted to different puzzle pieces.

    I would not have it depened on motion controls, unless those were able to receive a major upgrade with the next generation, and be included when purchasing the console.

    The first stage would be you looking upon an area, with no prior knowledge of what to do. It'd be green and grey, with varying levels of terrain and mountains, and somehow that'd be utilized to be a puzzle. Not sure, I'm just racing through ideas...

     Fan-art is a great thing! This was the last I worked on.

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  • I'd go with making an RPG just because those are my favorite. I've been kicking around ideas for a novel, honestly, and the world is something I'm incredibly interested in and is constantly changing.

    It involves God's angels having gotten restless and dissatisfied with playing second fiddle. They essentially form an uprising and take over Earth. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, but instead of being a wasteland it's an explosion of colors and effects. The angels had a hayday rearranging how the Earth's laws work. Their powers come from their words, so the only way to stop them in by severing their vocal cords which most people don't know about. Anyway, the angels come and abduct people for entertainment, etc. and long obvious story short a band of people join together to stop the angel's tyranny.

    I don't know if you can really have "levels" in RPGs, but the first area would involve the gunslinging protagonist coming across a city being invaded by angels and shows that people can fight back, providing hope.

    Long I know and probably overdone, but I think the premise is interesting.

  • @Gvs - I'd play that.

    @Penguin - I'd play that, too.

    Mine would probably be a cop game that resembled L.A. Noire, but with the gameplay of GTA, and the decision making of Mass Effect.

    You play a police officer fresh out of the academy. The choices you make while on patrol dictate what kind of officer you are; a corrupt cop or a lawman. The story itself would have multiple directions depending on your "paragon/renegade" levels. For the good cops, something along the lines of bringing down a corrupt political official or something along those lines. For those corrupt cops, protecting the department from the brown-nosers that are leaking confidential items to the public. Maybe even your rise to become the corrupt cop in charge of the department... that sounds nice.

    The first gameplay would consist of the obstacle course just before graduating into a full officer out of the academy. You know, to teach the basics such as the gunplay and movement controls and all that.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • It would be tough to decide, but I would say a tactical RPG.  An original fantasy setting with more than the stereotype elves and dwarves.  An absurd amount of choice in race and skills.  Combat would be like Mass Effect or KoTOR, but from an isometric perspective.  Think the old Dark Alliance games but with a pause button and party based.  No motion controls.  If the only reason you have them is to say you have them, then it wasn't worth putting motion in the game.

    The first area would depend on what race you chose, but then all would move to a single next area.

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