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Here to help new members of the GameInformer Online Community fit in and become active.

Getting involved

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  • I just read the GI Readers Recap. It was awesome. The site has a couple monthly blogs that get readers involved and gets their opinions on the industry and gaming and such. 

    What if there was something like that here for the newer people to do? It would give us/them a chance to voice our opinions and let the community as a whole get to know us/them aquite a bit better.

    Maybe have a feedback or suggestions thread, too. In my experience, the best ideas come from the minds of newer members who are experiencing the site with a fresh start.

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  • Sure, what do you have in mind. I was going to start off a series (link at the end of post) of past GameInformer issues of what of new and exciting back then. It's on postponement due to me not having the required issues at the time, but it should be up in July or so. So yeah, give us your ideas and we'll think over it.

  • Nothing really different. The same types of questions and inqueries, but directed towards the new members.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • Hey, by all means, if you find a team that can keep up with that, go for it. I for one love to read up on the series posts, and if you managed to do something that was a QA thread or blog, that'd be great!

     Fan-art is a great thing! This was the last I worked on.

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  • As a new member, I had trouble finding a groove. (Until I bee frayunded Jolt) Understanding not all people are here for long term or even a term what-so-ever I can understand why people don't reach out more. A program that did would be much appreciated for the people that are looking for a community to get involved with. I am pretty awesome... and I would hate for all you to miss out on that. lol. But seriously, it would be a great idea and I definitely would participate.

  • Yeah, that was the entire idea for this blog, have the "veterans" and newcomers in an environment to introduce the newcomers and help them in any way possible. Unfortunately, it died down and fizzled out. I'm sure if we were able to find newcomers more, this would be a bigger thing. If you find any newcomers, be sure to definitely send them our way (to the GIOWG) and I'm sure people will welcome them. It's kinda like on a when-people-come thing right now.

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