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Here to help new members of the GameInformer Online Community fit in and become active.

Introduce yourself!

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  • New to G.I.?  been here awhile and just poking your head in to see what all the hub bub is about? this thread is for introducing yourself and telling us a little about you! gamertags and gaming connection info welcomed!

    I'll start:

    My name is chris, but my gi user name (and preferred name) is Irony, I joined G.I. in late 08/early 09 and have been proud to call it my hubworld of the internet, I'm a self confessed gear head, love me some Gears of War, (gamertag: GodOfIrony2012) and I'm fairly competent at drawing and stuff. heres me latest piece:

    feel free to hit me up on Xbl, I'd love to work together to kick some gear ass!


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • I'm superking. been on GIO since 2004, but never got really involved until recently. a huge fan of nintendo, as well as a PS3 and pc gamer, favorite series include metroid, zelda, pokemon, assassins creed, fallout, and TES. current college student at the university of houston, brony, digital artist, and lifelong fan of the houston texans. SuperKingC77 on here, PSN, Steam, Raptr deviantart, twitter, tumblr, and pretty much anywhere else online.

  • I'm Cloud 9 and just recently joined the GI community though I've read the magazine for about 5 years. I mostly play Xbox 360, but recently got my own tv and have a PS3, SNES, and Dreamcast also hooked up to it. I like games for their story over gameplay. I'm a big Batman: Arkham Asylum and City fan. Also been getting into the Uncharted series with my new PS3. I used to be all serious about games(I was never good), but then I realized I should just enjoy them. Genius right? Really looking forward to my time hear as I can hopefully meet new people and become a bigger member.

  • Haha Cloud, that is funny because I am similar when it comes to having to take a breath and realize that just because I am not the worlds greatest gamer, it doesn't mean I cannot have fun. Uncharted is a great series! If you ever wanna coop on 2 or 3, let me know! I'm always looking for new teammates to bring down with me:)

    "You know nothing Jon Snow"

  • what mojo said. i love uncharted, own the entire series. add me on PSN (SuperKingc77) and either of you hit me up for a game sometime.

  • Thanks a lot guys. Nice to feel welcomed. I have Uncharted 3 just sitting on my shelf. I should probably get through 2 first. Those two games have now moved to the front of my backlog.

  • I'm Alex, otherwise known as GoldvsSilver, but you all can call me Gold or GvS, whichever is easier. I've lurked around for a couple years or so, and haven't even really been active in the community until the last 6 months or so. Let me tell ya though, a lot can change in 6 months. Already, I feel welcome.

    My all-time fandom belongs to Halo. I read the books, the comics, play the games, watch the media. I keep up with all of it, and anticipate each release. I blog occasionally, and music is one of my life's most important passions. It would be nothing without it.

    I hope I get to know you guys better through this!

     Fan-art is a great thing! This was the last I worked on.

    "There is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespeare


  • As you can see by my username, Im PIZZAKING92. I believe I have been on the site for a little over a year now, however I really didn't get too involved until around early august. I am a Assans Creed fan (even though the story makes about as much sense as a pile of mashed potatoes) and despite the fact I only own one nintendo system, I am a big kirby fan. Also feel free to talk about sports with me; I am a massive Lions fan.

    Also I am on the twitters!

  • Hello to all! My name is cmanwitaplan (or Cman, or even just Cam works too).  I've been around, I dunno, a year and a half? Only been "active" for about, well, since July-August timeframe.  I am a big ol' PS3 fanboy (yeah, I said it), but have nothing against another console.  I love music (lots of kinds), books, TV, school (sometimes), and a good movie.  

    I can't wait to meet some great people in this group, and maybe game sometime! Here's to the group!

  • This is the third time I have introduced myself. I was Eric... decided to change the name. I actually do frequent the forums. Most of my posts are forum posts. I'm an open book, so if you've got questions I have answers.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • Awesome, nice to finally be able to introduce myself and talk to ya, Eric/Jolt (Really should tell me which name you'd rather prefer).

    One suggestion I would love for you to do is to have an avatar picture. At this moment, I only envision you  as a Gameinformer Swirl. It'd be great to see what fits you in picture form

     Fan-art is a great thing! This was the last I worked on.

    "There is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespeare


  • Jolt will be fine.

    Yea, I need to pretty up my whole profile. I'm having home interweb issues so I'm using my phone to blog and such. It sucks. I'll definitely expand the entire thing when I am able though.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • Heeeeeeeeellllllllllllloooooooooooooo everyone, my name is Wayne, though I usually go by TFG. I am a womanizer, semi popular shipping merchant, dog-breeder and excavator of areas. I also am a major Bethesda fan, Queen enthusiast, RPG lover, and guy who watches a TV show about ponies, or something like that. Who knows?


    Technically, I have been on GIO since 2007 but was only around for the reviews and articles. I didn't quite start becoming active until late 2010. I feel one of my personal purposes to be on this site is to try and bring some humor to the articles, and make people laugh. I do plan on blogging, once I can develop the blogs to where I feel they are presentable. 


    Feel more than free to add me on teh XBL: xThisFreakinGuy



  • Hey all, my name is Jon though I go by my last name here and just about everywhere else too. I've been on this site for about, oh I don't know, 1 1/2 - 2 years now(Though I've been keeping with the magazine since February of '07. I wouldn't say that I'm a PS3 fanboy as I'm more for liking the entire Sony brand. I couldn't really say what games you could find me on as I usually trade 'em out within a few months, this months flavor of the month being GRAW2.

    My PSN handle is Hallinskidi.

    If I was talking to you face to face I'd seem pretty reserved, but some of the folks here can say that is total bull when it comes to Skype.

    I've tried getting into blogging but can never focus my mind on that long enough to get anything down. Maybe by joining this group I can still put my time to good use.

  • Been here since early 06, so I've seen quite a few changes. Didn't become really active - personal and academic reasons - until towards the period just before the redesign. Blog when I want, not because I want. Not exactly good, but not exactly bad.

    "Iba se ori egun Ìlà arun, Ìwò arun, ariwa arun, gusuu arun, egun orun, egun ayie, ase."

    The Holy Trinity of GIO:

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