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GIO Community Questions - For Blogs!

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  • 1. Many GIOers have forged lasting friendships with other members here. For the sake of brevity, let's limit this first question to two or three members. Now, with that in mind, with the couple best friends you've picked from amongst GIO, why did you become friends with them? How did you meet on GIO? And, what makes them continue to be great?


    2. If you're reading this, then you're probably at least a passing member of the blogging community. Who is your favorite blogger here? What draws you to their works over any other? And what is your favorite blog by them? If you want, feel free to do a couple here if one is just too confining.


    3. We've forged lasting friendships, but we've also met many other people in this community since we've been here. Name a more recent member or two you've gotten to know and like shooting the breeze with. What made you make their acquaintence in full? And why do you enjoy talking/interacting/stalking them?


    4. We've have a lot of great community members here at GIO, some of whom make excellent people to draw inspiration from. Who are a couple of the members who inspire you, and/or have inspired you in the past? How did they manage to do this, whether directly or indirectly?


    5. People often slip under the radar for many other members, or are otherwise underappreciated amongst the community. Who are a few of the people who stay out of the limelight and yet still manage to impact the community in a positive way? How do their contributions reverberate throughout the community, or even just to your own experience on the site?


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