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Here to help new members of the GameInformer Online Community fit in and become active.

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  • Ever since the rejuvination of the group, I have received a few messages and comments with things that the members think would improve the group as a whole. It would probably be best if they were in a place where the suits could see them/discuss them/modify them/whatever else, all together. So, put them here, in the suggestion box. Every suggestion has merit, so don't be shy about posting here.

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  • So... Definitely, we need to figure out how to maintain the website awareness of the Welcome Group. It becomes a problem after about two weeks or so, when people forget that this place exists.

    The occasional checking of the Groups page allows for users to see the latest activity, so encouragement of occasional checking would be effective.

    Umm, I keep thinking that Spotlighting is an effective form for word of mouth, but it can be a little challenging to find new users on a weekly or occasional basis.

    Perhaps we could still post the latest news of the Gameinformer Welcome Group in a culminated blog section. Outstanding members, latest posts, good replies, nice people, newest threads, weekly question, and have people visit the group to answer.

     Fan-art is a great thing! This was the last I worked on.

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  • Um, one idea that we could do is have Saint mention the group in the blog herding. Another is just have a link in our bio to the page, but our own personal pages don't really receive a whole lot of traffic. Another idea is for new members who our reading our blogs, we could have a link, but then it sounds like advertising. I really have no idea how to implement this without some kind of con, but I hope this helped.

  • I agree with Saint mentioning us in his herding, along with the events and podcasts and such that he does.

    I have been leaving comments on blogs from people that I don't recognize and mention the group. I feel bad doing that, as it seems like advertising that Ben mentioned.

    The occasional Spotlight is nice, but a monthly "Best of GI" blog would be pretty cool. It would include the things that Alex mentioned; standout blogs, people, replies, comments, and all that jazz. It would take a bit of work to gather everything, but it would keep us active... maybe find a way to get it put on the main page with the Blog Herding.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • That may be good, but I feel the monthly "best of" feels a little to much like blog herding to me. We could probably try it though.

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