Welcome everyone! This Group is here for all new or old members of the site who want to become part of the GameInformer Online community, one of the friendliest and active gaming communities on the web. GIO is a big place and easy to get lost in, so it will take you a while to find everything if you go it alone. Thats why this group is here: to help new members to the GIO family get intigrated into the community. Rather you want to blog, join groups, be active in the forums, or just participate in article comments or community events, we've got you covered. Feel free to ask any member of this group, or anyone in the community for that matter, for help if you have any questions about the community or the site as a whole, because someone is guaranteed to be able to help you.

First off, lets talk about the different things available to you as part of the GIO community. GIO is home to a vibrant blogging community, terrific forums, and various groups where you can find other members who share similar interest to you, not only in regards to gaming but for all manner of things.


The Take Part tab (shown in the picture) is your go-to menu to find the Blogs, the Forums, user-created Guides, Contests, special interest Groups, Polls, and the GI Newsletter.



The groups are a forum-style clustering of several sub-sites, each focused on a certain topic. Most are certain games or series, such as The Official Call of Duty Group, The Official Elder Scrolls Group, and The Ofiicial Pokemon Fanclub, among many others.  There are also many groups devoted to other things besides gaming, such as the Sports Group, Anime Group, and Brony Group. Most of these groups are situated under a supergroup, which are generally entitled after the genre of games that its subgroups represent, such as Action, A certain gaming platform, such as Xbox 360, or as a hub for a certain part of the community, like The Writer's Guild. Super groups also function as groups themselves, and have all the same functions that a subgroup does. All of these groups and more can be found under the Groups tab of the take part tab on the site's main toolbar, or you can use this link. One group that is highly suggested for everyone to join is Fragfest, which organizes community-wide multiplayer gaming events on nearly every platform. To join a group, simply go to the groups page and hit the icon that says "Join Group". Most groups will automatically accept you as a member, though some will require your request to be approved by a group moderator. On top of existing groups, any member can make a group once they reach level five. This isn't simple though, as GIO is a fairly buggy site, and as such only a few super groups allow the addition of new subgroups. as such, many user-created groups are often found in odd super groups, such as Classic. Also, when creating a group, make sure that there is not already an existing group for the topic, which will require you to either go through every super group, or to ask someone experienced with the groups. For help with anything regarding the groups, it is suggested that you ask around the Site Feedback group, The Writer's Guild, or member SuperKingC77 for assistance. 



Next up is the forums. On GIO, we have a variety of different ways to talk to one another on our little oasis. The forums just so happen to be a place for closer and more immediate social interaction. Here, you can ask and answer questions, talk to the community in a widespread manner, or just voice what you love! 

At first they may seem confusing, but never fear! Offered at the top are 6 over-arching super groups that allow you to find a specific place in which you would like to converse. From consoles, PC, or gadgets, there's a lot of variety for you to choose from. When selecting, say, the General Gaming hub, it will bring you to a new page. Once again, you are offered four main categories to go to at the top, but you may notice that if you scroll near the bottom, there are many more posts. Click on one of these to go to what is called a "Forum Thread". Once there, you can read other community member's posts, and reply to them!

In case you still may be at a loss, a guideline would look something similar to this:

~ {Open "TakePart" tab -> "Forums" -> "General Gaming" -> "Industry News" -> "Insert Thread Here"}

Furthermore, when on the basic Forums page, off to the right you will see a black box with headline options such as "Start a New Thread". Well, that basically does what it says. Use this to make a post for everybody else to see! If you click on someone else's thread, the black box will have new options available to you.


Here, you still have the option to start a new thread, but other options include "Favorite this Forum" and "Follow/Unfollow this Thread". If you choose to favorite a thread, you can access it from your "Favorites" tab on you Bio page! When you answer a thread, you will automatically follow it. These will be forwarded to your email account as notifications, but you can use the "Unfollow this Thread" option to turn off notifications. Easy as that!